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We’ve been on the search for new local walls that aren’t walkable from home but aren’t miles in the car! Since Covid we’ve got bit bored of our local area and it’s been lovely exploring new places

first up is Clouts Wood which is in Wroughton, parking isn’t the best as you park in a residential area so can be hit and miss. The walk/ woods however we found fab and very quiet! We was there for about an hour walking and then the kids played in the woods for bit (at the start of the trail)before we left. There’s three different coloured routes, we started on the red route, we found a picnic bench on the way up with amazing views across the town. Definitely a great place for a shorter style walk 🙂

second up is Cirencester Amphitheater which I discovered last year but never got to go, it’s an English Heritage site. But you don’t need to be a member it’s a free site with I think free parking. We didn’t pay and didn’t see anywhere to pay. There is a small car park but again it’s in the middle of a residential area so you could annoy people and park on the roads if it’s full 😉 it was so quiet and so much space to run around or walk and was just really lovely, there was bits of information on the area to stop and a wooded walk which we didn’t realise and was an extra benefit which the kids loved!




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