Little trip to the farm shop

So early Saturday morning we braved taking the boys out, the boys haven’t been out during this whole period to a place where others would be that wasn’t complete outside space. We chose jolly’s as it’s a mixture of inside and outside and we knew it wouldn’t be busy like garden centres and the fact it is inside and outside made me feel happier! I could of spent *alot* longer there than what we managed with the boys 🤪 I took as many photos as I could so I couldn’t refer back as I wasn’t completely in the zone as was constantly watching the boys, who were good as gold! We spent ages in the plant tent and could of brought them all πŸ˜‰ but we resisted and brought two new babies!

the boys were so good we drove into their takeaway drive through option selling hot food, coffees, snacks, cakes, ice cream etc – we brought the boys strawberry milkshakes as a little treat 😍



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