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so i took a break out from posting/ blogging/ insta stories last week as i was just so run down, i have so much on my plate right now and boy oh boy was i poorly last week! theres only so long you can keep going and keep going without any type of break and not get poorly and when your a mama there really isn’t time for a break, i’m always feeding/ chasing/ changing/ wiping one of them a l w a y s! so for now & a couple more years this is how it’s gonna be – i know it’ll get easier as they get older, Rue is significantly easier now in some ways.

so after a fair few nights of rubbish sleep, sickness, night sweats i finally made it out the other side and by Saturday i was feeling like me again! it was a horrible week and one i’m so glad its over! i always found it hard being ill when it was just Rue but when you have a baba as well its another level of hardness, these parents who have all the kids seriously how do they do it? maybe they get more help then i do, everyones obviously at work so help is so limited!

anyway i took these photos as there was beautiful sunlight streaming through our bedroom windows the other Sunday morning (although we ended up closing the blinds to get these photos ….) and i just love them, i think sometimes the spontaneous photos are the best, where the kiddies are still in their pjs and we’re all just hanging out together! ♥

i’ve got lots of ideas for future posts i just don’t have much time at the moment plus i’m re-watching alllll of the Walking Dead/ trying to so when it comes to an evening & its finally me time its like do i blog or watch Walking & at the moment Walking is always winning! but my next post I’m working on is a baby eats page, similar to my toddler eats, i’ve been keeping a food journal of what i’ve been feeding Ridley this past month & thought it’d be handy for people weaning for first or second time as trust me you forget everything you did the first time!

heres to happy healthy weeks for us all!


ps all photos were taken using my Song camera with my iPhone acting as a remote and my new tripod, here, which is so much better than my last one & is such a good buy!!

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