life after pregnancy

i thought i’d share how i’ve felt after pregnancy, that stage of your life where your trying to get used to your body again. i must admit i never feel more comfortable in myself then when i’m pregnant, i can’t sum up why but i just feel so right and so comfortable! i know some people really struggle with the change in their body but honestly i fully loved both pregnancies, with Ridley i was smaller than when i carried Rue and from certain views you couldn’t always tell i was pregnant.

its weird to describe but all those flaws you personally feel just vanished when your carrying a bab and then once babs here they all come flooding back again! i always always question how comfortable i am in myself, i struggle the most with my legs everything else i’m pretty fine with maybe my nose, whenever WM takes a photo i’m like ‘don’t get my nose looking big’ i’ve been saying that to him for y e a r s!

i’m starting to feel like me again especially now that some of my clothes are fitting again, hello dungarees 🙂 i’ve not pushed myself in a way, i’ve not exercised other then taking the babs out for walks, although i am up and down the stairs roughly eighteen times a day emptying the potty! (top tip: make sure you have a downstairs loo before you start potty training!) i’ve allowed myself the time to feel comfortable in my skin again, it wasn’t easy and i have moaned about it but on the whole i think i’ve done pretty well with just letting my body do its thing.

i am so proud of my body how its been a home to two babies and gone through difficult labours and procedures and here we are standing strong, so so proud! something i think we’re quick to overlook and rush to feel like us again, especially me going through surgery to have both our babs is a huge thing so this time i took it so s l o w after like a snail literally and its done me the world of good, we all need time to regain ourselves but unfortunately i think people are in too much of a hurry nowadays and it’ll be our bodies that pay for it.

so i wanted to share an outfit i’m in love with right now, its so comfortable and i feel good in it, plus it all comes in under £45 so winning! i picked the jeans up from Primark this month and already posted how amazing their are (post here) this top i picked up from Mango whilst i was pregnant, i just had to have it as its papas year of birth! i’m slowly slowly collecting t-shirts with special years on, theres five years in total so far i have two ha! (the years are: 1963, 1984, 1988, 2014 & 2017) and my sliders are from Asos and along with my trainers these are the only shoes that i ever wear!


thank you body of mine for being so fab and giving us our beautiful boys! ♥

also thank you too some lovely people whose comments have stayed with me & helped me readjust

Jess (honestlyombre) the first time i saw Jess after having Ridley was when i popped round to her apartment to see her, she was waiting at the top of the stairs for me and the first thing she said was ‘look at you – your so tiny’

Gowar – has always always supported me and reminded me that i have just had a baby, when i’m moaning to her that nothing fits me right she reminds me that it doesn’t really matter!

Sophia – always sends me the cutest messages on insta but one that stuck with me was when i ventured out in my banana looking shorts from Monki and she sent me the cutest message saying how i oooze confidence – never ever thought anyone would think that about me!


ps one of the boys always make an appearance in all my photo taking 🙂


  1. Jenny
    August 25, 2017 / 3:59 pm

    You look fab and that tee is so gorgeous! I need the 1988 one! I completely agree with you about loving being pregnant. I felt completely in awe that my body could change like that and house and grow a tiny human. So special! I’ve also found since having a baby I can cut myself so much slack about how I look. I might not be 100% happy with my body but it deserves the acknowledgment of what it’s gone through xx

    • Chloe Maguire
      August 26, 2017 / 1:00 pm

      Thank you lovely!! 😘 Such an amazing feeling isn’t it & your right we’re too quick to forget just how incredible our bodies are! Have a lovely long weekend with you boys ❤️ Xxx

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