Life according to my iPhone – September 2019 ✡️

I saw on a friend’s Instagram a story that said ‘September lasted all of 2 hours’ and she’s 100% right. I do think this is life now, the days and weeks just blur into each other and time goes to quickly, Rue is five this month, f i v e – ask me how this is possible because I honestly don’t know. We’re planning stuff for the next few years and I’m looking at how old the kids will be to see if our ideas will work and it’s scary that I’m thinking and planning like this!

So September was birthday month and you know I love a birthday and whilst it was low key it was lovely and personal, sometimes I think bigger isn’t better and you loose the meaning of what your celebrating. Thank you to my two babes for the best presents!

Rue learnt to ride his bike without his stabilisers on my birthday weekend, any better time to celebrate, hugely proud of him, I was like 7 when I learnt ;( we brought so many plants and the house is slowly turning into a garden centre, which WM is loving! Endless amounts of greenhouse produce which makes me so unbelievable happy! Rue started school ♥️ my heart is busting with love for him! Ridley started two different nursery classes and has blown us well and truly away with how well he’s adapted, completely shocked by his attitude and so proud and happy he’s so happy. Endless school runs whilst trying to work due to the three week induction schools have! More books completed to add to my collection, if you haven’t tried Sally Rooneys Normal People you need to. Day trip to Peppa Pig world, it’s overrated don’t try it 😉. Ikea evening trip with my babe!! Which equals more DIY on the house, some rooms are finally getting those final touches, where as some rooms have yet to be touched at all. So many outfit shots because I’m vain. Mornings with my boys alone which are the best, it can be hard to split your time and those moments you get alone are everything. First time trying Wagamamas steamed buns which are my new favourite, expensive for what you get but oh so good! Ice hockey times with my ma now the season is back which makes me so happy! Day out with G nothing quite like a day with your best, in Bath – it was the best day! Forever still sharing holiday photos on my Instagram whilst still planning next years vacations! Addicted to Pretty Little Liars on Netflix and have properly been bin watching it for weeks now!


October I’m not ready for you for so many reasons, like so many!



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