Life according to my iPhone – October 2019

October has come and gone and its made me think about what to do with this little space, as much as it puts a smile on my face every time I open it up it also takes a lot of work and effort and is almost another thing on your to do list. I wasn’t sure whether to keep it going or not and WM suggested not, I was going to look into ways of archiving it/ putting it on hold but I wasn’t quick enough and the hosting people took £138 from my bank account …… so here I am for another year, hopefully getting better but I doubt it 😉

Main things for October to share, Rues fifth birthday my little babe is five, five years old he’s the happiest, friendliest, loveliest little boys (the majority of the time 😉) WM returning to work full time, this all happened so quickly and we had about four weeks to put plans into motion but two of those weeks was us ‘assuming’ he got the job as it’s his old job so technically we couldn’t confirm serious stuff until we had two weeks till his start date which was fun, stressful, worrying, expensive. But we’ve done it we’re technically three weeks into this new way of living (lost over a week for half term) it’s been a juggle for us what with a broken car and kids in different places to each other two days of the week. it’s been tough but I’m hoping we’re getting into a swing now. My cousin had a baby, Macey Jane Thorne joined the family on Sunday 27th October at 22:01pm. Utterly gorgeous and I just want to cuddle her all day, everyday if possible. Couldn’t be prouder of Kel and she was truly amazing and is adjusting incredibly! Other stuff we started both the utility and bathroom projects, the utility is 95% finished next onto the bathroom, I’m feeling incredibly relaxed about it – must just be used to it now we’ve been what feels like constantly renovating since August 2013 😉



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