Life according to my iPhone – October 2018


Felt like a long and hard month which isn’t what I normally say, there was lots going on and it was all kind of hard, stressful or emotional – all of these feels can be hard to juggle. I just found it a draining month but those little indian summer days we had were a blessing as it helped with the harder times.

  1. So what did we actually get up to – we spent a lot of time listing stuff on ebay to make funds for a second hand camera for mama (✋✋) I traded my DSLR in maybe two years ago and it was a massive mistake, so I’ve sold my compact Sony and brought the original DSLR camera I have with two lenses, WM is often ripping me apart for this decision, I hope the DSLR is as good as I remember 😉
  2. We took the kids pumpkin picking – Ridley did really well, he doesn’t take well to uneven ground yet but he was fab! not so much when I tried to get him to have his photo taken 😉
  3. I’ve spent some time sorting through alllll our of drawers and doing a massive sort through of stuff, it always feels so good once you’ve had a clear out (maybe not whilst your in the midst of it with a toddler baby not helping!)
  4. WM and I have managed to spend a couple of mornings with Ridley whilst Rue’s been at school which was lovely as we never get time with just Ridley with both parents – it’s always nice going out and only having to keep one child happy 😉
  5. Rue’s birthday 🎈 I won’t go into this too much as I’m in the midst of writing about it 😉
  6. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about house stuff/ doing house stuff/ planning house stuff!
  7. I spent the day at Croome work my work colleagues talking about our personal development which is so up my street, I’m always dreaming about the future and want I’d like to do!
  8. We hardly ever go out to eat with the kids because its toooo much hassle, table service with kids is bit of the worst thing ever but we decided to risk it and one morning when Rue was at school I took WM for brunch admittedly with Ridley too – it just about worked, he gets bored in the highchair so quickly its like a massive juggling act trying to keep him happy whilst waiting for food!
  9. We took the boys to Westonbirt for the day (thanks to the lovely Grace who got us tickets!💋) and had a lovely morning – it’s the perfect place to take the kids on their balance bikes/ bikes. We went here for Rue’s second birthday on his balance bike and then went back for a belated fourth birthday bike session!
  10. It was time for the last of the allotment crops for another year, I just want to say WM has done amazingly well this year and I know he’s been pretty unhappy with progress but he forgets how limited time he really has and can’t see how much he’s achieved this year! He’s now started planting winter crops in the greenhouse so hopefully not too long until we have these 😍
  11. Finally I had a week off work of which I spent half of it poorly, nothing too bad just run down from never stopping, we did still manage to do some stuff but you know it was probably needed to have take it slow and go with it as I’m working through pretty much until Christmas now.
  12. I forgot one main thing – WM has started painting the lounge, you might have seen on my stories him painting the front living room wall a deep blue. We originally was going to use this paint in Rue’s room but decided just to keep it white for now & use the paint in the lounge, its worked really well and I’m super pleased with it. It is difficult to try and paint with the kids around especially this time of year when its cold and wet, so WM used Ridleys nap time and its actually worked so well that I’m hoping he can do the rest of the lounge over nap times.
  1. November what do you have in store mainly fingers crossed hopefully our builder starts on Monday and I’m so freaking excited!!!!! Like so excited but also like gosh two weeks of work over two floors with two kids is going to be potential chaos. I mean WM will have it all under control and will remain as calm as a cucumber I’ll be on the inside stressing over it all.
  2. Next week is also one year in our house, one whole year already! I’m going to do a ’12 month this is what we’ve done’ post after the building work has been completed 😉 kind of cheating but technically not as it was originally meant to start at the beginning of October!
  3. That is pretty much November in a nutshell building work and surviving it …. Oh and finishing off my Christmas shopping, we’ve scaled right back this year only buying for a handful of people as we just can’t afford to buy for everyone, I am so close to finishing!
  4. Finishing off the lounge might be a bit ambitious alongside the building work but we did say we’d like the lounge done for Christmas but we need new skirting as well which I’m not sure how easy or quick that is!
  5. So November a month of house stuff surprise surprise 😉 and I’m also planning some UK trips for next year, I asked WM the other day what he’d like out of 2019 he’s response was to the see the Pyramids in Egypt but just a couple of days before he said we could never go there as it isn’t safe …. And that’s all I got out of him so I’m taking the lead and choosing where I’d like 😉


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