Life according to my iPhone – November 2018 ✨

November is over and part of me is singing hallelujah I know you shouldn’t wish time away but November was h a r d and I’m so glad it’s over. It was hard for three reasons I was poorly, the building work and I was poorly again. November quite frankly kicked my butt but it’s okay December will be better right?

I don’t know how much I can write about November as the above pretty much sums it up, I do know I want to say a massive thank you to WM for being the biggest bestest most amazingest babe and just getting on with each day whatever we faced and handled everything in such a calm way that nothing upset or disturbed our boys, I mean their pretty resilient which thank goodness as there’s more building work to come …. one day. But honestly he was a trooper and made the situation less stressful for me.

What else happened, anyone else surprised if I say I started birthday shopping for next year? Surely you’re not surprised that its happened already, I swear this is the way to surviving mentally and financially. I went to the launch of my dear friends Jess new salon in Old Town, if your local and haven’t checked out Honestly Ombre please do Jess is not only the loveliest person she also has one very beautiful salon which is totally Instagram-able – so glad I got to go and with my babe Hannah! My mum was down twice, she moved to the Midlands in September something I don’t think I’ve shared yet, so she’s no longer around the corner from me ;( but it was so lovely to see her twice in one month! We had the best day in Bath for her birthday so lucky we got to spend the day together, it was perfect! I’m still working my way through Gossip Girl, I’m totally addicted, I think its because I’m a sucker for a love story like such a sucker and I’m gripped to two of the characters in it. Spending as much time with the boys as possible between being trapped in one room and being ill has been limited but we’ve still done lots and taken them out as much as we can. Rue and I spent a morning together and lots of time this last week talking about school, he is the biggest chatterbox ever which is lovely but sometimes inside I’m like please just a bit of quiet 😉 I’ve meal planned till the end of the year, which for me is unreal I tend to put it off and off and I hate doing it but I find it so helpful. Black Friday included a few purchases for us a t-shirt from my favourite independent site, new saucepans and a 7ft Christmas tree (so excited!)

December is already started with a bang, it feels like the 1st December has arrived and everyone is stressed or close to break down. I was talking to a friend the other day about December and how it makes me feel and I started to feel like I couldn’t breathe, I don’t know why but I find it a really intense month. I printed off a monthly day calendar so we could plan our month to try and ease the feeling but I think visually seeing what we have to do probably hasn’t helped. WM and I have a date next weekend as my amazing KJR is looking after the boys for us, I can’t wait for some time with WM! Rue and I are off to Avebury at the weekend hopefully with our favourite people to do Christmasy things and I’m hoping to try my camera out as I’ve had it nearly a month but haven’t managed to take it out yet, which you can tell is so not me. This weekend we’ll be putting our tree up and hoping Ridley doesn’t pull it down or cause chaos with the decorations 😉 I have a day at the end of the month where I’m out in the day with my King and out in the evening also, I’m looking forward to going out so close to Christmas it’s quite out of my comfort zone nowadays to go out out just shame the occasion is one of my favourite people is leaving me ;(

House wise we’re chilling for a bit and doing little bits here and there, WM has recently laid some flooring in the bathroom upstairs which is so refreshing after a year of having nothing down. He’s started painting this month but there’s no rush we’re just so happy with the space that we’ve got now. I’ll be doing my one year house update soon when I’m not distracted by Netflix 😉


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