Life according to my iPhone – May 2019

May ✨

maybe the best month so far this year mainly because my BEST GIRL GOT MARRIED and our first family holiday which I’ve already bored you to death with but there’s more posts to come yet – I’m really dragging this out aren’t I 😉

having the privilege to attend one of the most important people in your life’s special day was truly amazing and I’m so thankful I got to be a part of the day! Shortly after we flew off to Greece and had the best time, I didn’t really set any expectations as we all know that’s when things go wrong, I was anxious before going about two things flying and Ridley’s skin, in summer his skin tends to flare up with potentially eczema and I thought the sand and chlorine would make it so much worse but actually it had zero effect thankful.

WM went on so many bike rides with Ridley whilst Rue was at school and would send me little photos and bike routes, we spent a lot of time over the field with the kids and some footballs, we managed to spend a couple of hours child free eating and weeding the very overgrown allotment! Peonies we’re waiting for me when I got home from my gorgeous ma 🙂 we visited a new National Trust property, we booked a trip to Cornwall next year staying in a lodge with a hot tub – got it for a bargain! The grass is fully grown in the garden and I can’t wait until i’m allowed on it 😉 we’ve come back from holiday on a healthy eating thing, wm’s leading on it as he’s chef and finally I’ve decided to grow out my undercut goodness knows how long it’ll take to grow back! We visited the lovely Jess at honestly ombré who did my nails which feature a lot in these photos 😍 watched soooo many box sets, WM worked his last shift and has now given up working evenings hallelujah



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