Life according to my iPhone – May 2018

M A Y ✨

In some ways you feel like such a long month and such a long time ago – I don’t think those two feelings should be in the same sentence but that’s how I feel.

We started off the month with the perfect long sunny bank holiday which was just amazing! The only thing was I think we tried to do too much to enjoy the weather and we was out travelling with the kids every day and honestly it knackered me out big time, its not just the driving that’s tiring it’s the constant entertaining and packing that comes with days out. When it comes down to it surely it doesn’t matter where you are as long as your together right? I had the best time in London with my cousin and going back on such a beautiful day reminded me just how beautiful London is and whilst I adore it then it got me thinking that I’m all about the chillness of locations now and London can be a bit intense can’t it. The boys and I visited the most beautiful cherry blossoms and had a picnic under one of the trees which was amazing! Ridley had his first trip to Cliveden which is so beautiful and you can read all about it ‘coming soon’ if you fancy a trip 😉 also Ridleys first trip to see the bluebells HERE, i definitely recommend going to see them next year it’s so so beautiful and if the sun is out and creeping through the trees its stunning! We’ve planning and talking so so much about what to do to the house we have plans and then change them and then move onto something else (Josie thanks for sticking with me babe 😉 ) we’ve moved around so much on whats next and we sat in the sun the other day and I said to WM where do we go next with the house and listed off a lot but we didn’t come to any answer. WM has painted and filled in the garage outside and wow it looks amazing, he’s so good like so good! We’ve had our new banister put in which opens up our hallway so much and we’ve changed the living room around by adding a new chair.  We’ve been on some many bike rides and the majority of the time Ridley loves it but if you catch him not loving it he’ll whine the whole way round K we’re trying to get out as much as possible as it’s so easy and so great to get outside and see the countryside – we always try to go off the beaten track. Rue and I have had a fair few dates together and my god that boy of ours is just so amazing (don’t get me wrong it’s not all plain sailing) but on the whole he’s amazing! And I’m so thankful for these little one on one times we get. We visited the cutest little village and wondered around aimlessly and it was perfect, so beautiful to get out in the countryside it’s something I’m really enjoying at the moment! We’ve spent so much time in the field behind our house as we currently don’t have a garden for the kids, but luckily there is the best park and massive field at the end of our road so we’ve been down there as often as we can be! WM cut my hair which normally wouldn’t make it into here but I asked for an inch max and he cut off three inches (he measured after he cut it) I’m still getting used to this bob style. I know we’re quite far behind with this but I’ve started reading a book to Rue everynight before bed, we did used to do this all the time when he was around 1year plus but then we kinda stopped and didn’t pick it back up. But he is so excited to pick a book each night and for us to read it to him and then in the morning wants to read it again, luckily papa has weekends off work so gets to join in with this special time and finally to end the month Rue & I spent the day with our best friends at Avebury oh  the fun you can have when your best friend is a National Trust member and papa lets Rue and I go on adventures without him, I had the best time exploring with you guys but I definitely needed an afternoon nap after all that outside walking! Here’s to so many more visits together, two already this year which is pretty amazing with our routines!

June what do you look like well we’re nearly a week into June already (always running behind over here!) there will be more bike rides & hopefully WM will be able to spray my bike this month, I think it’ll look much better white and then also we’ll have matching coloured bikes, nothing like his and hers 😉 we might make some progress on the wardrobe situation I just kinda can’t bear to sort through our clothes and store them someone! We have so much rubbish our conservatory is just full of old carpet, so much old carpet, we have kitchen cupboard boards, wardrobe doors the lot so hopefully we’re going to start gradually going to the tip starting this week! We had a quote for someone to remove it and they wanted like £260 …. Seriously! We have our first ever Airbnb stay this month eekk! So I’ve never booked an Airbnb before and then we have about five booked this year so I hope we like the concept of it! So I’m busy planning away what we’re going to do when we’re there, obviously what National Trust places we’ll visit, a wet vs dry activity plan, a shopping list of stuff to buy before we go etc. The place looks beautiful that we’re staying in so I just hope its dry and we can make the most of the views, if it rains we’re pretty screwed! I’m working on a surprise for WM and I’m so super excited – like does anyone else feel like that when planning something for someone else? I’m going to try and put aload of stuff onto ebay to try and sell so that I can get the deposit for our holiday next year, we’ve found our holiday for next year wooooooo! We’ll planning on heading back to Kefolina for eleven nights in May so I’m hoping to book it real soon so that we have longer to pay it off! Also this month we’re going to try and replace our dodgy ass skirting as part of it has come off and it’s a plastic skirting, didn’t even know these existed so we’ve been researching places to buy skirting, if you have any suggestions send them my way please 🙂


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