Life according to my iPhone – March 2018

I’m a few days behind in posting this and being honest if i didn’t do it now whilst trying to edit my christmas video (yep just editing it now ….) i don’t think i’d do it for another week, time at the moment is the less its ever been!

Each month i create a little folder on my iPhone and save photos from the month in there for these posts, its the only way i remember what happens each month πŸ˜‰ Β the boys had their first proper snow day, Rue absolutely loved it whilst i was inside hating on it! We spent even more time at IKEA trying to decide on furniture for Rues room (and we went back today which is 4th April!) we have finally made a decision though woo hoo! i got my ears pierced by the lovely Jess at Honestly Ombre and i’m just loving having my ears pierced again, its been four years since i’ve worn earrings and i’m missing a trick! Jess has been working so hard on her website (HERE) and its just sensational – go have a look and book in with her as a little treat for yourself! I spent the best day with my gorgeous friend Grace and her beautiful daughter Agnes, oh it was just lovely to hang out in her cottage and catch up, Grace is one of those friends you can see all the time or not all the time and it never be any different, she’s so easy to be around and i always feel comfortable with her! WM brought me my first proper adult bike and has 75% completed up-cycling it already! the bike cost just Β£20 which we picked up from the other side of Swindon – my car has a built in bike rack so its super easy to pick up bikes πŸ™‚ and he spent Β£45 on modifying it which we used the cashback i got for selling my phone to o2, so technically it cost us pretty much nothing! We also picked up a secondhand bike seat for just Β£15 a Hamax one too, we already have one of these with Rue and love it. We might have potentially found a travel buggy at half the price of the Babyzen yoyo – i’ve been researching on and off for a while and now i’m just like y a w n – so i thought its gotta be the Babyzen yoyo we go with at nearly Β£400 :O but first i wanted to see it and feel it so we popped to Mamas & Papas but they didn’t have it but they do have their own travel pushchair called the Arco (HERE) at just Β£169 but if you shop around you can get it cheaper, Very had it on offer for Β£129 πŸ˜€ WM tattooed his hand – i know he’s brave isn’t he! i was kinda shocked but its so him that it makes sense! we went on our first bear hunt and it just was p e r f e c t Β – Rue absolutely loved it and i can’t wait to go back and do it again, give that boy some fresh air and a stick and he’s off for hours! not forgetting most importantly WM has started working evenings this month and i’m incredibly proud of him, he’s pretty knackered but he still goes without a fuss and gets on with it! we wanna do so much to our house and with the boys and unfortunately you always need money for both of these!

April what do you have planned for us …. well its a very special littles boys first birthday this weekend! cannot believe it one little bit. I officially start my new job near the end of the month and i’m really excited but also slightly anxious about my brain being overloaded too much! we’re saving up for a greenhouse for the back garden for WM as its not so easy at the moment for him to get to the allotment, we’ve also decided on more plans for the house – its so easy to get carried away when you have so much to do but i often do a 360 and go back to our original thoughts and we’ve done that again with our kitchen and i’m so excited for many reasons! Rues room finally has carpet and is starting to take shape, we’re all actually loving having just a mattress on the floor at the moment and i don’t think we’re in a hurry to buy his bed yet, which is good as its like over Β£400 so gives us some time to save for it, his room is my new favourite i think! lastly we’re hoping to change our car soon, our car just isn’t practical for our lifestyle going forward, we have a medium sized people carrier with no boot whatsoever and we need a boot! so we’re looking to ‘hopefully’ trade ours in and get something for a similar price or slightly more, i don’t want to have to borrow money for a car as we’ve just paid this one off! cars are a constant expense right! so pleased we only have one to keep up with requirements πŸ˜‰


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