Life according to my iPhone – March 2019

So here we are the first quarter of the year down already – didn’t it feel like Christmas just the other day 😐 my brain is super broke lately so remembering anything is hard, it’s weird I couldn’t remember the film Ridley was watching on the weekend the next day but I could remember like all the words to Sean Pauls Get Busy from 2002 – how does that work? I’ll start a sentence and then forget or get distracted – I’m awful lately. I think it’s just life tiredness/ slight exhaustion it’ll be fine I tell myself 🙂

March what occurred //

Glorious weather featuring cute dresses and cardigans more of this please, mama treat of nails by the amazing Honestly Ombre, Rue’s first cinema date x 2, many many catch ups with a special JB, healthy eating some days and some days not because you know life is too short to always eat good, had my hair dyed by an old school friend I am now slightly more blonde eekk, finally have a ring instead of a stud in my nose hallelujah, accidentally re-pierced an old ear hole so now have one ear with two earrings and one with one, trip to IKEA with two of my three boys to covert Ridley from a highchair to a table, a poorly Ridley which involved a five hour nap over two parts which included a lot of sewing bee catching up, endless and endless amounts of Despicable Me 3 – Ridley’s favourite right now, our first family of four photo booth nearly two years later, preparing for Ridley’s second birthday, Rue has constantly been in fancy dress like more so than ever, best shopping day with my ma in Bristol, eBay hauls galore like four this month (water butt £5, Rue’s IKEA bedroom unit £10, Cheap Monday t-shirt for me £2, WM’s father’s day present £40 – yes I’m ridiculously early with his father’s day present 😉 ) finally sorted out some under storage for Ridley’s cot as all his clothes were in Rue’s room, our first broccoli and rhubarb plus endless amounts of spinach, mama and papa date woo hoo, the best morning in the sunshine with our best friends walking and talking whilst the kids run wild, finally WM has been incredibly busy sledging away in the garden creating a grass area for the kids – he’s been working so hard in my opinion too hard but it’s looking amazing out there – we’re getting there.


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