Life according to my iPhone – June 2019

Can’t quite believe that it was six weeks ago that we was on holiday everything has flown by since we’ve been back. Life is going at a speed so fast that it sometimes feel like your not properly taking it all in! I can’t even remember what really happened in June I can tell you about what’s happened in July so far as that’s still fresh 😉

Gender reveal party for my sweet cousin whose having a baby girl. A gorgeous morning in Cirencester with our bests A&J. So much allotment time trying to de-weed the jungle that’s grown. Two new piercings this month from the lovely Jess at Honestly Ombré. First time I completed reading a book from cover to cover in years. So many box sets going on – slightly addicted to house renovation programmes. New composter bin for the garden which is a step to helping our waste reduction. Endless amounts of healthy eating but still snacking on not so healthy bits 😉 My ma moved into her new house! WM has started planting vegetable beds out the front for even more vegetable growing times. Charity shopping for life. So many charity shop books. Christmas presents are in full swing – Rues Christmas stocking is nearly complete! Bike rides featuring my new bike eekk – so in love with it! Tent shopping, so many tents and options that we have to think about. Smoothies everyday! House renovations still going on – potentially found some flooring for the utility room. Stairs project is nearly finished – WM has done an amazing job! Linen blouses for ever!



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