Life according to my iPhone – June 2018

So June your over already, crazy right>! Yes I write this comment in a similar way every single month 😉

Time for a little update on what we’ve been up to over the last month J we survived ha our first trip away since Ridley was 3 months old and gosh it was much easier when he was 3 months  compared to 14 months but I’ll do a separate post all about our time away, whilst away we stayed in our first ever Airbnb finally! It was such an easy experience & the hosts were so lovely and helpful, providing everything we needed for the kids! I’ve still been thinking of what to do with Rues room, sometimes I’m really quick at deciding things and other times not so quick as in this case but we have now found a bed and brought it and it might arrive tomorrow (I say might we ordered it through Wayfair and our last experience with them was s l o w) basically Rue wanted a bunk bed but he just isn’t big enough for bunk beds yet, he falls out of our bed most nights, the other night it was four times & Ridley would be trying to climb the ladder and having a full on fit when he couldn’t so we decided bunk beds at a later date 😉 so whilst Rue isn’t in his own bed yet he is dry through the night 👏 we’ve been talking to him about his own bed and about wearing pants to bed for a month or two and then we just went cold turkey at the end of the night nappies packet and we’ve had one accident in three weeks, this boy of ours is so quick to adapt & so clever! We did it we’ve brought a new buggy and we’re selling our Silvercross soon, it’s been the best decision ever! I think I’m fully converted to small buggys now, this one is so compact it fits into a bag! The Silver Cross is just a joke with how much space it takes up! I’ll do a blog review on it soon 😉 whilst away it was our first time away using the estate & boy was it a dream! I tried to limit how much we took but you can only limit so much and the estate fitted everything in perfectly! I can’t say it would have been so slick if it had been the Silver Cross instead of the Mountain Buggy but still life sure is easier with an estate! And to think I was so not set on getting an estate but WM was. We’ve booked our first abroad holiday as a family of four yay! I was trying to make it happen this year in September but the prices were just too high (like our standards ;)) and I didn’t want to be paying for a holiday after being on it, I like to pay for things up front my personal preference. So we decided not to force it this year and we’ve managed to book a ten day break to Kefolina in May of next year with a free child place as Ridley will be 2 by then so technically we’ll be paying full price for four people which is just not right. WM’s greenhouse arrived early, it was a surprise birthday present from my ma & me and he’s just been so happy with it! It took him five hours to put it together and is so in love with it! So lovely to see him pottering in it of an evening 😍 we’ve pretty much finished our mini wardrobe project which cost a total of £10 but again I’ll blog about it separately 🙂 we had our first big allotment produce of the year with radish, broad beans, garlic, onion, strawberries so far and we’ve just planted some more bits in our home planter. Finally but no means last Ridley has started walking this month, he’s roughly 65% there, WM and I sit opposite ends and he walks back and forth to us so might be soon he’s properly off by himself 🐒

lots more photos but from our week away so saving those for our holiday post

July what are you hopefully bringing us – well we’re off for another Airbnb break (in hindsight probably wasn’t the best idea to book two so close together) and have plans to head to Kew Gardens, which papa has been desperate to go too, wish us luck in London with the kids, Wales was hard work and when I told a friend today her face said ‘what your off to London with the kids for a week ….’ We’ve been in talks with a company about replacing our windows and doors so hopefully that’ll progress this month, I’ve gone all out with a coloured door eekk! We’re also going to ‘try’ hard and do more to the house, I spent most of last weekend going back and forth to the tip and we have roughly three more journeys I think! Hallelujah! I’m going to try and eBay the shit out of my life to buy some new straighteners as I need to replace mine ;( house wise I’m thinking Rues room should be finished this month, it needs one more coat of paint and his bed put together and done! The lounge we need to take the skirting off and decorate, our neighbour has kindly offered to help us remove our dodgy plastic skirting! Finally on the house is we’re desperate to try and get some kind of garden for the kids, its currently all concrete which is just so rubbish so we’re thinking a skip/ wheelbarrow and WM trying not to kill himself by doing all the work to remove the layer and level it out & that’s July I’m also seeing my Gowar, hoping to see Jade & Amelie and the lovely Grace and Agnes for Wednesday catch ups 💚

Have a lovely sunny stress free happy month, if that exists! Until next month …..



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