Life according to my iPhone – July 2018


Hi and bye 👋🏻

You’ve been a whirlwind of a month, although life feels very much a rollercoaster that I would like to slow down please.

Several trips to pick your own farm to make strawberry jam and more recently yogurt and raspberry calippos 🍓 surviving the heat, if you don’t know the heat isn’t my friend in any way and the lack of air hasn’t been a highlight but what has been a highlight probably for WM is how I’ve been a champ and just got on with the humidity and hardly complained! We’ve been busy as ever re-arranging and improving our home, what will I talk about once the house is done (don’t worry it’s a while off yet so I can continue to bore you!) we’ve taken some doors off, changed room layouts, had a half tidy out (half still to go), finished odd jobs, so many more prints and colourful images have been put up (thank you WM 💋) we’ve had lots and lots of builder type men around to give quotes etc, we’re not getting far fast but sometimes this is just how it goes. We’ve decided on our priority order for the five big pieces we have to do, we change our mind a lot. Just last night we decided to change the decision we made for the new kitchen. Constantly changing our minds. We’re watching Kirstie and Phil Love it or List it and I don’t think its helping 😉 we’ve finally brought the paint to finish Rues room just need to find the time to actually paint it and in this heat!

Ridley officially started walking this month and honestly there is no stopping him now, sometimes he makes me jump when he comes up from knowwhere and I wasn’t expecting him! But it’s the best watching him just go go go, Rue walked at 11 months so we’ve been waiting and hoping for Ridley to get there. We had our trip to London which I haven’t managed to write up yet but just know it was amazing – WM rated it 8.5 and the trip to Wales a 2 so it was a definite improvement and I can’t wait to go back!! We had a meeting at Rues school about him increasing his hours in September and about the school choices paperwork that comes out in September ;( I wasn’t expecting to have to choose the school options so soon! We visited two National Trust 🌰properties this month (Snowshill HERE & Osterley House – coming soon) both are new to us! WM has been stressing hard on what to get me for my birthday – hes getting all flustered about it – I make a big fuss over birthdays and I know it annoys him 😉 Rue has been sleeping in his own room everynight by himself for over a month ….. hello who are we! Rues pretty much been in our bed since 6 months so just over three years but he adjusted so easily I was really surprised. We brought a bike trailer for the boys, Rue was outgrowing his bike seat and started to damage WM’s bike, we picked it up on an amazing offer and it’s so much easier for us all! I’m excited to get out on it more 🙂  I had my first night out in forever ever with a dear friend and we had a lovely evening but we’re both definitely in camp old lady, going out is definitely not for me when there’s lots of noise and that 20 year old alcohol smell lingering around!

August what do you have for us, we’re hopefully getting our guttering replaced, may not be that exciting but if your house looks nice then you feel better about it! Rues room will hopefully be finished paint wise and I’m just shopping for some decoration type bits, the best part right! I’ve just started on a DIY mini project for Rues room which I’m hoping to finish soon and share with you. I have a week and a half off in August, I have a day booked of with my ma for a much needed day of shopping!! And the rest of my time with the boys, we don’t have any plans yet but have lots of day trip ideas so will take it day by day – I have a few ideas I haven’t managed to share with WM yet that I’d like to do which I’m hoping he’s on board for 😉 he’s pretty good with my random requests! Hopefully hopefully this month is the month of new windows, new front door, new French doors and a blocked off conservatory so we can start the kitchen layout we’re after (still need to find an electrician to come and install a socket) hopefully! Apart from the above no real plans apart from hanging out with my boys and the lovely Gowar & J whenever the opportunity arises!! Finally hopefully my hair grows a bit more this month, feels like it hasn’t grown at all since WM lobbed it off, he says i moan about it everyday and trust me i wanna but i really don’t, hopefully he won’t cut it so short next time its not worth my moaning 😉


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