Life according to my iPhone – January 2019

January is finally over I can hear most people shouting hallajuh – I’ve more so than usual got the vibe that January is not a liked month ….

Trying to keep things sweet so here’s a jumbled paragraph 😉

We took the kids out for so many walks, we’ve started a weekly Sunday morning walk which is super cute, until one of the kids moans ;), we’ve been busy doing more DIY I say we I mean WM I just point and direct! We booked our holiday to the Lake District in summer, we had an Airbnb voucher so saved money (winning!) we hardly saw anyone because January is glum right and everyone is moneyless, my ma moved back homeeeeee couldn’t be more happier about this and I’m trying to see her so much more, I’ve cleared out nearly all the shelfs, cupboards, drawers – needed a deep cleanse of stuff, WM laughs when I say too much stuff makes my anxiety worse but I swear it’s a thing! I visited the lovely Jess at Honestly Ombre for a much needed R&R hour for this mama 🧡 I’ve not been feeling myself through January not sure why, maybe it’s because I’ve been doing this lifestyle for a year and sometimes it does get a lot to carry you know. I’ve also been struggling with IBS I’ve had this on and off since 2008 but that doesn’t mean it makes it any easier when I have a flare up – I’ve completely revisited what I’m putting into my body and we’ll see if it helps (fingers crossed!) and finally I’m constantly plugged in (when I can) to either Spotify, youtube or Netflix oh one last thing I’m trying to reduce not just my screen time (averaging two hours a day ….) but also my Instagram time, my average is 45 minutes a day. Finally finally we submitted Ridley’s nursery form this month for him to start doing three mornings a week from September – he’s still a baby right.

I’ve been blogging less this year so far I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t had the time, if I haven’t adjusted to using the iPad instead of the Mac, it’s not as easy with an iPad or if it’s because we haven’t done or been many places. I’m still trying to share less of the boys on my feed (not my stories so much) I think it’s a gradual shift where I’m trying not to show them as much or show them but not with their faces – it just feels like something I want to try and do. I’ve said before WM thinks I share too much and I probably do and I need to respect he isn’t on social media so we’ll see what my content looks like going forward I don’t really have any ideas I might go down the more home style and outfit photos but with the boys occasionally 😉


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