Life according to my iPhone – February 2019

Okay so we’re technically the first week into March and you know what as tough as some days even hours are life sure is whizzing by and I’m thinking so much about what we’re getting up to this year, making plans with friends and even got WM to book next May 2020 half term off as I’m thinking about holidays next year. I am way to ambitious and unrealistic when it comes to holidays/ trips but hey it keeps me going and sane 😉

How do I sum up February

snow/ buying endless plants/ eating better to help with my IBS / conservatory has gone/ coffee dates with friends/ half term time off with boys/ so much time with my ma now she’s home😍/  warm weather/ diy / Rue got a haircut or as I call it skin head/ sunday morning family coffee date/ celebrated our anniversary 💚/ finished paying off Greece / change to my NWD to Friday/ changing my mind and changing it again on house stuff & WM is so patient with me!



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