Life according to my iPhone – February 2018

So i’m writing this and it’s already a week into March and you know what that means …. my baby yes baby is eleven months old ;(

February was a combination of still adjusting to our little life & basic surviving – if you don’t have kids you probably can’t relate or the ‘surviving’ comment might sound a bit extreme but trust me until your doing this you won’t understand how hard it is to work full time/ run a house/ love & nourish two kids & a husband – let alone all the other stuff in life, so many people i’m in awe of who seem to be slaying this motherhood world but i’ll share more another time!

WM still has ants in his pants and literally doesn’t sit still, he could do with gaining a few lbs or a half a stone, somethings give when your at home with the kids all day and food is one of those things! He gave Rues room the first lick of paint but still more to go but we just haven’t got round to it yet. He’s nearly finished the downstairs hallway which looks so incredibly different now its white and not red. I swear each day i come home and sometimes i notice straight away & sometimes i need help but there is always something new! What i love so much is his ideas/ thought process/ motivation & how much he’s managed to reuse/ recycle. honestly this guy is everything and more to me.

Rue is still absolutely loving school and has two little friends and keeps telling me that Louie needs to come to his birthday party 😉 Ridley is now officially crawling, i was so lucky i got to see him crawl for the first time!!! i missed out so much with Rue so i was trying not to think about how much i might be missing out second time but so far i haven’t …. well too much!

I finally upgraded my phone after nearly three years of having an iPhone 6 – i’ve been on a rolling monthly cheap ass contract since July to keep costs down but said to myself i would treat myself when i was back working and then i saw the tariff costs and was like w h a t! after eleven times of starting the process and abandoning the process i finally upgraded, please do not ask me how much tariff is as i might cry, i even sent a justification message to my mum like this is okay right as i don’t do anything ever.

I took my cousin for a much overdue/ very much needed spa day at the Kings Head in Cirencester and it was just pure bliss! It was a super relaxed day and we had the best time catching up and had the spa allll to ourselves! the weather outside was a bit nasty but we was super snug inside in our robes 🙂 i definitely recommend a spa visit here, its the cutest little town too! after we had finished at the spa we headed to the Toro Lounge for some food, a few of you recommended here on my insta so thank you, we mooched around the shops and treated ourselves to some beautiful flowers & some homegrown beetroot for WM! I must just add in that i left my brand new shampoo and conditioner at the spa but its totally fair as i was stocking up on their toilet rolls as we was running low at home and i didn’t have time to go shopping, punishment right!

i’m sure theres something i’ve missed during February but everything is a bit full on and a semi blur right now! * Oh i missed the best bit after hours upon flipping hours of trying to find curtains for Rues room we finally found some in Mothercare for T E N – P O U N D – hello can you imagine how buzzing i was about this, so i face timed my mum to show her but had to cut the call short as Rue was hysterical in the background over god knows what, seriously not even a spare flipping minute some days!

** we made £232 on eBay *** i can’t remember the other exciting bit … i remembered we booked our second air bnb trip, i might do a separate blog post on what we’re getting up to/ where we’re going & where we’re staying.

**** oh man i totally missed out our anniversary! see just shows how little time we get for each other! we celebrated twelve beautiful amazing years together and four of those being married, how is it possible i don’t know! my beautiful cousin watched over the boys for us whilst we went out for a leisurely lunch to celebrate, we’re still not comfortable leaving the boys of an evening, overly attached parents here! also me being me, said to WM would you like to go to Los Gatos or GBK and then i said well its GBK really because i get 15% cashback if we eat there, plus the waitress gave us free sauces!

March what do you have install for us apart from being the last month of us having a baby ;( oh man don’t just don’t. be prepared for some tiny Ridley photos to be on my insta soon, well if i remember! i’ve mentally planned his birthday decorations in my head and ran it past WM the other day who just looked at me and said nothing, decorating is like the best bit right! and i’ve finally decided on a bed for Rues room, Gowar i’ve decided … finally after boring you to death with bed and curtain talk, thank you for listening to me endlessly!, so yes Rues bed has been decided and its on my list to order asap! we’re still carpetless but hey its okay 😉

I’m hoping in my March post i can share some exciting news with you, and no i’m not pregnant jeez! i’m on a strict budget crackdown money is super tight (didn’t stop me buying that beautiful basket though did it, although i did get 10% off and free delivery!) i really didn’t think it would be this hard with one wage but its harder than i anticipated, how do other families do it?!

oh and not forgetting, i’m off to see the beautiful Grace and baby Agnes asap, we have a date in and i’m so excited to give this mama the biggest squeeze for being the bravest babe ever and for baby cuddles because boy i miss those!

Lastly as realise this post is awfully unstructed, i’ve got my butt into gear and headed to Holland & Barrett today and stocked up on B12 & multi vitamin supplements (minus iron as i take that seperately) so WM & i will be trying these out during March,  i haven’t really spoke to him about it yet but as he’s eating less and less meat i think its just as important for him as me. we all need to look after our bodies and this is something i feel so passionate about since having the kids, mainly because they depend on us so much that we need to be the best for them!




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