Life according to my iPhone – December 2018

Welcome to my last installment of ‘Life according too’ for 2018 – I think these are some of my favourite posts to look back through. I’m 100% going to continue doing these each month next year but maybe with less words 😉 so maybe this month I’ll bullet the month and the coming month …..

~ where do I begin it felt like a month of knock backs from all angles of life but I feel we’re hopefully coming out the other side! Fingers crossed!

~ in between the chaos I did manage to escape for a morning with a dear friend and a whole evening where I danced for hours and wore a dress, it was the best night!

~ I got my nose pierced! I’ve wanted to do this forever but never got round to it and then i’ve become a massive baby with situations so thought nah I won’t go through with a guy shoving a needle through my nose but you know here I am I did it, two babies no problem having my nose done big scared!

~ we’ve spent a lot of time at home enjoying all the hard work we’ve / WM has done and constantly planning our next piece of work. We pick the kitchen dresser up this weekend and plan to turn it into a pantry style cupboard – i’m so excited!

What didn’t go so well

~ our washing machine broke right before Christmas as did my car’s heating system (luckily my ma helped us out as we don’t have this money spare right now!)

~ my dearest bestest loveliest friend Josie is leaving The Trust after 11 years of which we’ve worked together for half of these. I’ll miss her beyond words I can find to describe. Having good people around you at work is so important because you spend so much time there. She really is the best person e v e r!

~ both boys were poorly. Rue severely. It’s horrible seeing your babies ill and trying to juggle work as your the day worker. It took me a few good days to readjust after our hospital stay.


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