Life according to my iPhone July 2019

Hello July the month that ran me into the ground ;( life is busy and I’m tired and that’s July ha!

Some other things we got up to

Legolamd 😍 hydrogens. So much allotment time. The hottest time to be growing out an undercut! And trying to get on top of an allotment …. trip to Bath. Walking so many steps. Time off with my boys and exploring new places, which is our favourite thing to do 🙂 Rues room overhaul featuring new painted walls and desk, growing so many vegetables both at home and allotment, WM’s birthday hello 35 🎈. Booked a trip to London for Ridley’s birthday for an absolute steal! Spent so much time looking at camping stuff and chasing the kids around the shop and now decided we’ll leave it for couple of years 😉 Rue finishing pre school already for school argh! So many charity shops. Second book completed! New plants brought for our house jungle 😉 new piercings from the lovely Jess at Honestly Ombré! Trying more than ever to use and reuse and not buy single use. Forever planning next year out hahaha! Sleepovers in our bedroom whilst Rues room is painted, first pair of white trainers brought in 15 years. Saturday night ikea trip with my bestest girl.




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