Life according to my iPhone – August 2019

I’m so behind on this post and nearly forgot completely, basically when I’m not working or being mama I’m glued to Netflix a new box set I’m watching and both my blog and reading having taken a hit ;( so August was about and in no order, wearing the same skirt on repeat even if it still doesn’t fit ;), strawberry raspberry picking that turns out to be stressful and expensive …. but frozen strawberries in smoothies with mango are l i f e 😍 hand cut sunflowers are fun until someone, me, gets stung, date time with wm and trying new places to eat, lots and lots of time down the allotment 🌱 so much right now raspberries for days, aubergines, tomato’s, cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, chillis 😍 hanging in London taking snaps of street art – fav thing to do! Day trips with the boysincluding first proper awake times on trains for both, they loved it! More house renovations, we’ll get there one day and it’ll all be done and then I told wm I want to move 😉 lots of bike time for Rue – he’s soo good now! Trips to windmills whole separate post on that, visits to Honestly Ombré for eyebrow tinting so in love, one less thing I need to factor into my day! Probably so much more but here’s a bunch of my favourite photos from the month 💚



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