Life according to my iPhone — August 2018

Another month down, already, another month closer to Summer ending and the end of the year which equals Winter arriving. Doesn’t Winter just drag on forever and I’m already depressed thinking about it.

I did get to spend a huge chunk of time with my boys in August which was just amazing! It was a spur of the moment break from work, I was originally having two weeks off at the beginning of September to go to Majorca for my big birthday, but we just couldn’t stretch to the cost and plus Rue had just had six or so weeks off of nursery & I didn’t then want him to have another two weeks off! before starting pre-school! So I managed to switch is up last minute and it worked so well! Although we had no going away plans it was the perfect break off work just waking up and going with the flow, we did a couple of days out but again no really pressure which worked well with Ridley being under the weather a couple of days! William did manage to do a lot on the house whilst I was off and also the replacement windows & doors began yay! Oh the difference it makes already is just amazing, it is such a lot of money I know but I’m hoping it’ll add to the house when we one day eventually sell it and also make the house from our side more productive, our other windows either didn’t open, were deemed unsafe in the event of a fire or had gaps in them so that the air just flowed through the gap!

It also means we’re one step closer to removing our conservatory and making our garden and garden which is just kinda what I want right now! 😉

I did lots of sale summer shopping for our holiday next year, I figured the time we’re going means maybe not all the summer stock will be out and available plus will have a higher price so I’ve tried to get as much on sale (95% of what I’ve brought was on sale) and I picked up a few bits second hand from ebay. William took over my love for charity shop rummaging and is now saying its his thing 😉 we picked up a few bits for the boys when their older for really good price and the items were brand new because the packaging hadn’t been opened!

I started on a little diy project in Rues room, its like 50% complete and is in full use, i don’t want to share it until its 100% complete, basically waiting for the next part of our house reno to happen so i can move change stuff. we’ve tidied and retidied and decluttered and spent trips and trips to the tip but it feels so amazing!

we got new tattoos its been years but its finally happened, we spent days with friends, we walked the streets of Bristol for hours, we laughed so hard in ikea car park that i had to stop, we’ve had so many naps (papa & i that is!), so many tomatoes and raspberries in our house right now and so so good!, i’m selling as much stuff on eBay as possible i don’t even know what towards this time but i’m sure i’ll find something, Ridley had his first Burger King & didn’t really enjoy it – he’s not a big meat eater (i’m secretly happy about this 😉 ) we spent a morning at one of my favourite places the Windmill Farm on the way to Oxford, boy i love it there! we spent a quiet trip to ikea to look for diy pantry ideas and got lots of ideas for everything we do and don’t need 😉

September what do you have in store for us – mamas birthday which is always one of my favourite times! i’m in full on planning mode for what we want to do & see next year, why so early, we have a holiday in May which we’re still paying but the sooner we pay that the sooner we might be able to book something else! painting theres lots of painting that needs doing! this is the last month my ma is living in the same town as us ;( so trying to make the most of her before she moves! no doubt i’ll be hopefully starting to pick up some Christmas presents, i’ve nearly finished the prep for Rue’s birthday, we still have his main present to get which i’ve charged WM with finding as he knows more about bikes then me. Rue starts a new pre-school room when he goes back this week and will be doing two full days which he’ll absolutely love, he’s so bored of not being at school all day! this month i would absolutely love to finish the kids advent calendar – Rue’s pockets are finished but trying to find bits for Ridley is super tough! September please be sunny so we can get out before winter arrives & we tend to hibernate!


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