Life according to my iPhone – April 2019

April what occurred//

coats and bobble hats and then summer shorts and then back to coats // we received Rues first choice for his school placement from September – this was super important to us for three reasons 1. Rue is already settled into the school as part of pre-school and will be moving up with friends from his pre-school 2. The location it’s at the end of our street which is ideal as WM doesn’t drive 3. Ridley starts nursery sessions at the school from September// father and son date to the dinosaur museum in oxford // we finally have bedroom carpet praise the lord!!! We had got so used to not having it that I can’t believe how amazing it is – thank you to the beautiful human that is my ma who got it for us! // we celebrated Ridley’s birthday – separate blog post on that // so many walks with the kids to get coffee to collect sticks to get steps in // Easter holidays hanging over the field playing football climbing trees to get mama some mistletoe – it made me so happy! // donut dates with my nearly at school boy // brunch hangs with girlfriends // Easter trust trips with beautiful friends who fill your life with happiness// bank holiday evening walks with my ma // fresh eats from the greenhouse and allotment (carrot, rhubarb, spring onion, spinach, beetroot) // Ridley’s first haircut ;( // family bike rides featuring one puncture // new garden furniture that eBay sales are paying for // first bbq of the year / FaceTimes with my babe from the allotment// early morning papa and Ridley bike rides making me jealous ;(



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