Life according to my iPhone – April 2018

Can you believe we are nearly half way through the year! Does that scare anyone else as well as me? Kinda scary considering we’ve not had the best weather yet and time is going by so quickly!

So what did we get up to in April well most of you will know its been a solid month of chicken pox in our house hold, two weeks with Rue and then just under two weeks with Ridley literally the day Rue could go to school Ridley got it and so so much worse than Rue. It was hell-ish but WM just breezed through it – that guy is my hero twenty four seven. If your babs haven’t had chicken pox and their under eighteen months and they get it bad prepare yourselves its tough going!

What else happened in April, I started my new job at the end of April and I’m still very much finding my feet with that but definitely enjoying it and all the learning that comes with it 🙂

Its been the first month we was able to get out on the bikes with the boys and after the first scariness of having Ridley on the back it was the best time ever! Both boys are good as gold on the back of the bikes and love being outside, Ridley proper sets up for relax time hanging his legs around. It’s just lovely being outside with them and finding new places to visit!

We brought a tumble drier – oh my g o o d n e s s how have I managed so long without one of these!!!! Its changed our lives! I now don’t have to wait three plus days for a washing load to dry and also don’t have to have multiple airers dotted around the house! If you’re a family go get one it’ll change your life! We also got some new curtains in our bedroom woo hoo! We’ve been living with those red drape velvet things for nearly six months (six month house progress blog post working on now) and the difference it makes to the room having non red, shorter curtains – it’s like a whole new room – John Lewis didn’t disappoint!

We traded in our Mokka, bye Mokka 👋we’ve fallen out of love with it for a while, it’s a lovely car if you don’t need to ever use the boot …. we obviously always need to use the boot and even more so nowadays so we traded it in for an estate car, proper family lifestyle car, but we’re having a few issues with it ;( just more added stress in our life’s, but hopefully it’ll all work out & we won’t have to take the Mokka back!

We’ve been talking through our options going forward around house progress/ holidays, I’ve spent hours upon hours this month trying to find us the perfect holiday (the holiday that is perfect for us is around a lot a lot of money without spending money & other holiday costs) but I’ve found nothing that compares or if it does compare (I only found one) the flight times are awful & I don’t want to put the kids through too much upheaval (might be being over the top but kids come first in our house!) so I don’t know what we’re going to do, probably talk about it for another month or two. We’ve also spoke about bigger work to the house, we’re hoping to get all our windows replaced as soon as possible, some of them aren’t safe to open so we should probably prioritise that before a holiday 🙌  WM has hopefully bagged us a free staircase outer, ours is currently boarded up and we want to open it back out and whilst WM was chatting to a neighbour the other day he might of got their old one 😉

I finally took all my art frames from my mums house, bless her she’s been storing them since October for me! But I have them all now and it’s a case of finding a new homes for them, I’m surprised by how many we actually had up in our two bed compared to where I can see them going here, feels like we had more wall space at the other house but that’s not right its just how this house has be styled so far.

May what do you have planned for us – hopefully we can sort out  the car and that’ll decide what we can do as at the moment I’m being cautious and until that’s fixed we’re holding off with anything else. Mama has some time off work to spend with her boys and the weather looks sunny so fingers crossed! We’re revamping our wardrobe over the next few months hopefully starting this month and I’m so excited! It’s a relative cheap project it’s just more the time that we don’t have. We’re looking at alternatives for storing the babs toys in the lounge to make it easier for them and tidier for us! WM & I are those parents who can’t go to bed or last longer than an hour without tiding the toy mess! WM is working on sourcing plants/trees for the back garden, when we moved they left us a lot of lovely plant pots so we’re revamping them ready one day for WM’s greenhouse he’s after. Hopefully Ridley continues to sleep without his sleepyhead, we made the transition at the end of April for all his naps and bedtime sleep and so far we’ve only brought it back out once & that was because he didn’t sleep in the afternoon and was so overtired! & we’ve just brought some masonry paint to paint the side of our garage and put the trellis up we brought on offer from Aldi!

So we’ll be over here continuing to look at holidays, making changes to the house, talking about stuff and then changing our mind and forever spending all our time with our babies!


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