Life according to my iPhone – September

i know i know i say it every month but where on earth has September gone? how am i writing this post already? i’m currently in bed listening to spotify and thinking wow another month has gone by, my babies are another month old 🙁 my big baby is 3 years old in just a matter of weeks! starting to feel a bit anxious at how quickly time is going by – i spend 99% of my time with the boys so i’m soaking up everything but still it doesn’t seem to be slowing time down…. and before anyone suggests another child please kindly refrain from making such comment 😉

anyway September you’ve been a babe, mamas birthday was a lovely sunny chilled day with my boys – thank you! papa has spoilt us rotten with delicious meals (thank you!), i’ve got to see my girlfriends more & it’s been lovely catching up with them ♥, Rue got the biggest big boy haircut and just looks devine, papa had a week off work and it was just bliss! WM tattoo’ed two more of my fingers, only five more to go and then i’ve completed my hands 😉 we’ve been having smoothies every single day (thank you Jess for the inspiration), yoga outside at Avebury was so good for this mamas mind – definitely need more yoga time, weaning Ridley has began … he loves my fruit purees but not so keen on lumps just yet, we celebrated my babes 30th birthday ♥ the boys have both been upgraded in their car seats already 🙁 Rue gets more street as the days go on honestly its unreal to see him pose some of the poses he does!


we’ve got a potentially busy October, if you know you know why, first up is my babys third birthday ;( WM has a long weekend and we’re just finalising plans for babs birthday weekend including a date with our best ones Gowar & JJ! we’re off pumpkin picking with both our babs which i’m so frigging excited for! i’m hoping to see my girl babe for a Sunday morning vegan wrap date ♥ i have my new dressing table upcycle to crack on with – so in love! i’m organising some ‘keeping in touch’ dates for my return to work ;( its coming to the end of the season for papas allotment so he’ll be spending some time preparing for winter, oh and just the small task of trying to find all the pocket sized advent calendar presents for the Christmas Advent calendar i brought us!


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