life according to my iPhone – October


wow does anyone else feel like they kinda missed October as it just went by so quickly? just me? even though i was out of action for probably a week (and what a week that was!) i still feel like it went by so quickly! we had the best time celebrating our boys third birthday ♥ we’ve been super super busy doing house stuff like so bloody busy! Ridley is now having three little meals a day and has also set himself a new nap routine which we’re just about adjusted too, he’s little nose scrunchs always get me! Rue is a full on chatterbox and doesn’t come up for air, its adorable but also sometimes just five minutes peace please 😉 papa grew so many pumpkins we’re going to be eating pumpkin for some while!

November your here already (mamas obviously behind on blog posts) and your going to be a big challenging month for us i can see – but more to come on that soon/ when i have wifi again ;(


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