Life according to my iPhone – November

November we survived you – honestly it’s been a rollercoaster of a month for so many reasons but saying that it still went by quickly, i think life now is just on fast forward, if you had asked me say seven years ago i would of said life was at a steady pace but now it most definitely isn’t. To think we enter a new year in like what 30 days and that year my babies will be a year older and i’ll be t h i r t y – i mean whats that all about!

so December is our first full month in our new home and although its a shitty time to be moving into a house project (theres never a good time but Winter is particularly shit) it does mean we have much more space to spend celebrating Christmas ♥ which actually have somewhere to put the Christmas tree, last year it was kinda in front of the radiator and blocking the door. Plus Rue is super excited this year for happy mis-mas (how he says father christmas, 😍) so decorating the tree this year and putting all the bits out ready for Father Christmas is going to be so lovely! & Ridleys first Christmas, oh bless my baby, he has no idea but he’ll be super happy for us to be together, my little smily baby.

December wise we’re trying to steady out the house work progress wise so we can spend time doing Christmas bits with the kids. We’ve just had a new boiler fitted (yay!) and the radiator is now fixed in babys room so we’re going to try and get him in there asap, we’ve sacked off finishing decorating its just too hard with daylight this time of year and gloss work with kids is just not great. we’ve ordered our dining room table which arrives next week and also our living room carpet is being fitted (currently we have that red stuff which Ridleys since covered in sick, four times i might add) hopefully our sofa arrives soon (we ordered one with guaranteed Christmas delivery (fingers crossed) so the lounge will be much better, we’re decorating it next year as you can’t do everything right and the main thing right now is furniture! we also have a festive breakfast with G & JJ which we’re super excited for, an afternoon of making peppermint creams, decorating the christmas tree, we still have sparklers to do in the garden and lots of disney movies and food ♥


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