Life according to my iphone – March


  1. lately when i’ve been putting Rue to bed, we lay next to each other and then he’ll suddenly say ‘ rue rue pick his nose’ …. ‘ all done mummy’ – its the cutest! to me anyway 😉
  2. when we call Rue if he’s going to fast or if i’ll letting him know its dinner time, i’ll call him and he’ll turn to me look at me and say ‘whattt’
  3. sometimes we spy on him from like another room or from across the room and just lately he’s been singing so much all by himself, i love listening to him try to remember the words to the nursery rhymes, anything lovelier to hear than your child singing? nope 🙂
  4. when he gets scared, i’m not sure if he is scared or just something he’s picked up on saying, but he’ll turn to us and say ‘rue rue bit scared’
  5. he does this little look with his eyes that i just can’t say no to most of the time, when he wants to he has us wrapped around his finger, sometimes he doesn’t 😉


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