Life according to my iPhone – January 2018

January flew by for us …. Which I know so many of you are feeling the total opposite of this! But we had so much on in January that it just absorbed our every moment and before you know it it’s the first weekend in February 🙂

So I’ve now been back at work for a m o n t h! how has that happened already, honestly like already? Does it feel like a month definitely not, have I enjoyed coming to work I’m not sure, does my heart still break each morning my god yes, do I want to cry all the time … yes, am I late for work because I just can’t stop kissing my children most definitely, am I enjoying my job not yet but its improving slightly, is it weird being back half yes because of new people/ changes and half not as the rest feels so familiar.

WM has not stopped, literally has not stopped working on the house in-between juggling the boys, he’s a machine and he’s done so much! He’s ripped up all the carpets upstairs, the individual stair carpets he’s ripped up (next step is to sand them I guess), he’s glossed every nap time, downstairs he’s nearly finished glossing and he’s half painted the downstairs bathroom and even the kitchen is ¾ painted. I keep telling him to calm down there’s no hurry like just chill during that one hour free time you get each day but he’s got like ants in his pants or something!

So that’s our month we’ve purely been focusing on adjusting to our new routine, settling Rue into school (which in all honestly we’ve had to do nothing, he’s totally amazed us and just got on with it and loves it, so proud of him!) and working on the house! We’ve not seen anyone really for the whole of January because I didn’t want to add any pressure to myself during this busy time of change, plus the time I actually get with the kids is so little that I don’t want to give up that precious time yet.

I actually saw two people outside of work this month – I spent a whole Friday with the lovely Grace, we relaxed in her beautiful cottage, chatted non stop about everything and anything and then we took a walk into the village for brunch it was perfect! This was all before her beautiful baby girl arrived into the world on the 17th January 💕, I CANNOT wait to come and see you both!! & I also spent a morning with my lovely friend Jess who runs Honestly Ombre Holistic which is where I go to get my eyebrows done & I’ve also just booked in for a ‘trust the artist’ manicure for end of February and I’m so excited to see what Jess puts together for me! She has an amazing offer on at the moment, £15 for a trust the artist manicure during the whole of February – go get involved if your local!

February I am so ready for you, well I’m totally not I completely messed up on the first day and forgot someone o so special’s birthday ;( literally was crying about it as there’s nothing worse than letting someone down, so be prepared I forget a lot and that might include your birthday – I apologise now! Putting that bad start aside, I have some time booked off next week to take my cousin to a very long overdue spa day to say thank you for being there so much and helping us tremendously when we had Ridley & when we moved house, she’s a massive babe!! I also have a day to spend with my favourite mama to celebrate her birthday, we have a whole day child free to go wherever we like to do whatever we like, we’ve spoken about this day for soooo long! I have some time of during half term off to spend with my boys and go out for the day hopefully if the weather is nice 🙂 my lovely friend is coming to spend a day helping us decorate Rues room so we can finally sort him out and get his new bed, what a babe to give up one of her days to help us, thank you Jess! its our anniversary at the end of February, 12 wonderful years together & boy I can’t even explain how quickly those years have flown by! And so much else but that’s the five main bits ♥️

here’s to a happy healthy February



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