LEGOLAND – July 2019


i’m back and sharing our recent day to LEGOLAND. It’s been on our list for a while but the ticket prices are a bit steep and just feels like a lot to spend on one day you know ;| we got a buy one get one free on a happy meal and Rue had a teachers training day in July before he starts school in September so it felt perfect. When I came to planning the day I saw there was a sale on their website which worked out cheaper than the buy one get one free voucher I had. It came to £90 for three tickets and parking instead of £150. We currently get Ridley in for free, o think it’s under 3’s go free. So the next time we go it’ll be closer to the £200 mark if we don’t get them on sale. Also worth noting I mentioned it to a friend at work and she went with her family on the weekend so the sale tickets worked on a weekend which I was surprised by!

it was definitely worth the money, going not in summer holidays, the queues were okay, you can fast track but I wasn’t spending more on that, there was two rides Rue was interested in and WM queued with him but Rue wasn’t down for queuing at alll so didn’t end up going on rides with a queue 😉

i’d sat there’s definitely enough to get a whole days trip out of it! There is so much walking and exploring to do, I didn’t find the map overly helpful it felt like there was stuff everywhere and I gave up on the map. The age range of rides worked perfectly for us, 98% off the rides we went on Ridley could go on and Rue was also interested, we didn’t do any big rides, I hate rides and Rue hates queuing ha!

we ate there, which you could totally take a picnic but sometimes I find that a ball ache and let’s be honest a day out falls to the woman right, I organised, drove, packed, had Ridley stuck to me every second of the day and then drove home – there was no way I was getting up to male lunch and lugging it around on top of the backpack o had and buggy. We ate in the burger place which we realllly enjoyed – we sat inside right next to a water ride so Rue was watching that, it was £20 for two adult meals and then Rue had nuggets and some snack bits I brought. Ridley did have a little lunchbox.

snack wise on the way home we did buy ice creams mainly to give the boys a bit of a hype so they didn’t fall asleep on way home, Ridley clapped and his went everywhere, I think WM couldn’t quite believe it, he’s a very tidy neat person 😉 and a bottle of water as our two bottles we took were empty and we didn’t see a water fountain on way to car ;( and that cost £10 ;(

i loved the day, I haven’t been since I was like 9 and I really enjoyed it as did the boys. They were here there and everywhere which was crazy a lot of the time and a lot of apologising to people but they had the best day!

definitely  definitely worth going ….. when the tickets are in sale 😉

also top tip if you book online your car parking keep your phone handy as they check on way out and my phone was in the boot, rightly so right as phones near when driving are a distraction …..



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