Last of Summer 2018 🌻

my camera roll is starting to fill up with photos taken here and there but not enough to do a post with, or at least i don’t think so, so i’m sharing the last summer photos on my camera with you. Some of which are from my birthday as i haven’t shared many from my birthday yet, you might be wondering where the birthday blog post is but i haven’t done one yet just like i still haven’t done last years pumpkin picking but here we are planning on going pumpkin picking this weekend, yep a whole year behind!

so heres lots of photos from my camera of us outside in summer which is where we love to be, we find it much easier just to take the kids out if its a nice day and next year i reckon it’ll be a totally different set up as Ridley won’t be in this sling anymore 💔 but also yay because sometimes he can be clingy and its hard to enjoy time with him whining in your ear 💁

✌️ out summer 2018 you’ve been the best – even with me being back at work i still think we’ve done so much with the kids and what i love more is its been a combination of new things we’ve never done before and things we do traditionally every year and making new traditions. plus we’ve done what we’ve wanted to do and not what everyone else does.


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