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Wow it must have been just over a month now but feels so much longer than I took Rue to Lacock where we met up with our dear friends (and also National Trust members 😉 ) Amy and Jack! The boys are both up for doing anything and also play so well together! So it makes for a great day out as we don’t have to spend money or try and entertain them, they were both in their element running around outside and playing with sticks! Which is what it’s all about right!

Lacock is a short drive from us but we haven’t been this year as we tend to go to properties that have a drive time that fits in with Ridley’s nap and as this one is a short drive it doesn’t work so well, the last time we was at Lacock was roughly when Rue was nine months old so it’s been a while since I’ve thought about what they offer for kids.

It was a perfect visit, the offer for children is amazing!! On the short walk to the way in there’s a play park and a picnic area along with a playing field, this must have been there when we last went but I can’t remember. The park is amazing, perfect for our boys ages (nearly 3 and 4) even Ridley could have a decent-ish play I think.

In terms of what the property offers, when we went it was half term and summer so the offer was probably a peak time, there’s lots of space for children to run around safely away from cars and also enough space that doesn’t get in other people’s ways too much! We started off walking around the greenhouse area, which they have kids games out on the lawn and also arts and crafts section for families. The boys whizzed through the orangery type area which us mama’s were trying to look at everything like the grapes that grow above your head 🍇

We then wandered into the vast fields all the way along to the little river area, along the way there’s so much for little boys to get involved with, there’s a telescope the boys were loving! Climbable trees, sticks to pick up and sheep to spot ☺️ we also found a property cat that was not put off by the boys! I’m sure there was other stuff on the way but you know my memory struggles sometimes 😉

Time for a snack before heading towards the abbey, we found a bench and sat there or tried to sit there and just give the kids a food boast! The abbey is so beautiful from the outside and perfect for some photos, you know I love the photos, whilst we was there families were having picnics on the grass in front of the abbey and there was a couple of benches dotted around, we spotted one directly in front of the abbey so chose this for our lunch spot before heading into the abbey.

We’ve been in the abbey before but we’ve never actually been to like the abbey house and done the tour, to be honest I either didn’t know or didn’t think it was for us or the last time we went we had the buggy and it’s not really buggy friendly, this time round with two young boys who want to touch everything and run it could have been better, we basically didn’t look at anything and did it in approx. 4 minutes!

It was so lovely to be outside, without a coat (summer I took you so for granted, it’s so cold on my walk to work) and where Rue was so happy that I could step back and chat to my best friend, actually chat (in-between telling the boys to not do this or that ;)) it was a lovely day! So thankful for these guys, for supporting us, for making our lives better – for being here with us! Here’s to many more National Trust trips with our boys 💚


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