is such an important part of life and even more important when you spend most of your time talking baby talk or to a toddler all day. I’ve laughed so much since having Ridley so I decided to jot down some things that made me hold my tummy in case my stitches popped undone, crazy I know but you can’t help but hold them sometimes.

  • discovering that WM’s toes look anaemic, he didn’t find it funny but boy did I
  • impractical jokers (we ♥ this programme) we had just got home from hospital and it was on and Q is in a wheelchair whilst using a phone booth – you kinda have to see it but I laughed real hard
  • when WM takes the mick out of me, so I also start sentences with ‘theres this woman on instagram’ and then say whatever i’ve just seen, one day I turned to him and said this and he overtook me and said ‘ and she lives in a tent and she has a camel and just eats grass’ or theres ‘this woman on instagram and she said if you try A B C it’ll change you life’ – i’m always doing it and that spur of the moment ripping into me killed me
  • ​when someone was trying to explain how you get a three year old toddler in nappies to pee into a cup whilst their twin is causing chaos in the cubicle
  • when we was trying to work out if WM wet himself or not, turns out it was just rue’s water bottle leaking
  • ​that I put muslims instead of muslins on one of my blog posts – luckily WM noticed it instantly after I published it so I could quickly tweak it. I’m not sure if he genuinely enjoys reading what I’ve written or if he’s secretly ripping me, as soon as I post a new photo or blog post he’s all over it!
  • ​do turkeys lay eggs? When WM turns to me and asks
  • ​we’ve got bibs coming out of our arses 😉
  • i put transformers on the other night when we was having dinner, the first film, and the bit where Sam’s car gets stolen and he’s on the phone to the police and says ‘bring everyone’ – it just got me! plus i think he’s quite funny in those films
  • impractical jokers again – when Joe wants to ban ‘duck faces’ from social media, and does impressions and then says ‘oh grandma died (duck face)’ the guys reaction was so funny!
  • when Rue goes to the bathroom with daddy and says ‘look daddy’s sausage’ – i’ve only heard the story and I was feeding Ridley at the time but I had to stop I was crying so hard
  • CM: we’ve got some new dinners planned for next week, do you wanna know WM: suppose I should CM: we’ve got A B C WM: okay …. you been on Pinterest today have you?
  • CM: Rue stop touching your bum WM: the other night he put his hand down his bum and then was waving it in my face before bed ….. I wasn’t impressed. (Again I was feeding Ridley when he told me and my body was shaking from laughter)
  • So I brought WM some cheap t-shirts the other day to use when playing with the boys and for the allotment and he loves them, he turned to me and asked where there were from I said Primark £2 babes he looked in disgust and said what their not Gucci 😉 I need my Gucci – ongoing joke we have about people nowadays who are all for show!  Oohh one of his £2 tshirts below 😉 & mine was £2.50 from Primark 💜

Whats made you laugh lately? Probably something totally different to whats made me laugh 🙂





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