a l o n g weekend ♡

So I finally have some time off work to ‘try’ and put my feet up and rest whilst also getting to spend three solid days alone with my husband! I am so excited ♥ even if we spend the time soaking up the peace that surrounds us whilst being child free and don’t actually talk to each other i don’t mind it’ll just be nice to have some peace ( I mean that in the nicest way, sometimes Rue doesn’t come up for air & after an hour or two of the constant talking you kinda need a break)

Normally when we have time off I plan an itinerary list of things we have to do and then we spend a l l our time doing jobs instead of spending time doing the stuff we’d like to do, this time I haven’t done that and it’s been so nice to have no plans and go with the flow and sit down and watch films together! the little things you take for granted when your child free 😉

Some of my favourite moments from the past couple of days

  • celebrating our anniversary with a trip for tapas, it was WM’s first time eating tapas in a restaurant and only my second time. He loved it & we agreed to go back soon, I mean we’ve only been talking about going to Los Gatos for five years now so we’ll probably be back again in five years 😉
  • the beautiful weather we had on the Friday meant we got outside & went for a mini walk around Old Town, it made me remember how hard the winter months actually are and how the weather can affect your mood & general being so much
  • sitting down watching our favourite box set back to back with blankets and the sound up high if we wanted too
  • we watched the latest Superman vs Batman film in the afternoon which allowed me to bombard WM with questions such as ‘do you believe in dinosaurs’, ‘do you believe in Jesus’, ‘do you think mermaids ever actually existed?’, ‘do you think there are any superheros out that’ and so on. He always answers my questions so kindly even though I know he’s thinking seriously in his head 😉
  • We finally picked up the third part of our buggy order (Mothercares customer service isn’t fab….) and watching WM get so excited about it was just the most loveliest thing to watch over
  • we spent some of Monday going through Rues baby clothes to see which ones we would class as unisex and get these ready for baba as due date is next month eekk! It was just so lovely being sat in the kids room sorted through so many baby clothes & reminiscing of when Rue was that tiny


Sunday I was lucky enough to have some child free time and spent the morning with the lovely Jess who I met through instagram and i’d say we’ve become really good friends. Jess has helped me so much with my blog and also when I had my Etsy shop she supported me & has helped answer so many questions i’ve had, the blogging world is like a whole new world and when your trying to fit this in amongst working and being a mama its really hard. What I love most about Jess is she doesn’t ever judge me as a person or judge what I say, I can be completely honest about how i’m feeling and I know she gets what I mean. It was really refreshing and just what I needed as sometimes the whole social media world has me split part of me wants to be like A B and C so I feel I fit in but the other part of me knows that’s not who I am and that’s not the reason behind why I started this blog. I started this blog back in early 2014 but didn’t open it up until Summer of last year, my blog was originally called ‘RuebenWilliamMaguire’ as it was meant to be an online journal of Rue’s life for him to look back on and then I changed across to ‘The Maguires’ as I felt it was more then just Rue it was all of us as a family. I’m now fairly sure i’m going to change the name of both my blog and my instagram account within the next month only because I want them both to match & I like the idea of almost a cute little tag that sums up us as a family rather than putting us out there so much.

Social media is so easy to get sucked into and you can almost crave what you see, there’s so many accounts out there that I follow and i’m just like ‘w o w’ your life looks amazing but we all know that everyone struggles its just whether you choose to share that or not. I do spend a lot of time on some of my photos I absolutely adore photography (I have three cameras and i’m just about to invest, hopefully if papa lets me – he keeps telling me the sofa should come first :(, in another one) so some of my photos might not be as natural as my real life but i’m always so honest in person, in my captions and in my blog.

I’ve been struggling lately to understand what exactly my blog is and what I should concentrate on to help boost my post readings but after speaking to Jess she reminded me it’s not all about the statistics (again it’s just another little bit of social media i’ve been sucked into, watching my stats slowly increase) it’s so important to not forget who you are and compensate that for new followers, I hope that people who read my blog feel like they know me and what I stand for as a mother, wife, human.

I’m going to continue writing about the areas I enjoy or that I think might benefit people lifes in some way – two of my sweetest best friends always always send me cute messages about my blog and honestly it means so much! I think it means more as they genuine love it compared to a random person who isn’t on this journey with us. It’s so lovely to feel that there are so many of you on this journey with us & I really appreciate all your comments, questions & love 🙂

The lovely Jess blogs over at Honestly Ombre – go check her out 😉


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