L O N D O N – accomdation

Our trip to London I thought I’d break into three sections 1.accomdation  ✓ 2. what we did  ✓ 3. what I packed/ wore

Today I’m focussing on accommodation/ location.

London is a minefield right, even if you live there it must be quite overwhelming at times. I think we struck lucky in so many ways. Admittedly I looked and looked on Airbnb for something that met our standards (little bit holiday snobby here (🙋) that included parking and didn’t cost the world. I didn’t look to much into where in London it was, I had a lot of people in the build up to the trip ask me where abouts in London and I was like I dunno. Which is where I say we got luckily, the journey was actually fine, the accommodation worked perfectly for us, the location was more than fine (I don’t think I’ll ever feel 100% safe in London though)

I just booked it without really looking into how far we was from what we was hoping to do/ eatries/ transportation if we decided not to drive every day. Which is just as well as we changed our minds on one of the days and therefore just winged it. There was a train station where we stayed instead of a tube station which I preferred, I wasn’t planning on going on a tube with the kids in a heatwave. The train station was a ten minute walk, walking pasting all the supermarkets, local takeaways and pizza shops for days, as well as charity shops for days which are one of my favourite things, I dragged Ridley along one tea time and he was as good as gold as I was pure rummaging for a bargain 😉 parking where we was staying was more than adequate as long as you can park, I’m used to a drive on driveway that fits three cars just for our one car, this was on road parking which I never do and never do especially in an estate! (this is why I needed front and back sensors and wasn’t willing to compromise on these bad boys) one time it did take me a while and WM started laughing at me and making a joke that we clearly stick out as non Londoners 😉

We booked a two bed garden flat in Palmers Green via the Airbnb website and although the host wasn’t amazing at responding to me, even when I was trying to extend our booking I had to keep pushing, we got there in the end and the host exceeded my initial thoughts. Whilst I wouldn’t normally rent a flat (mainly just because of the noise that’s associated with flats puts me off) it was pretty much the only thing in our price range and so we just went with it and its was really lovely. More than enough space for all of us with two bedrooms, one being massive, a large kitchen/ diner/ living room which opens on to the garden. Lots of room inside for the kids to safely move around which is important for Ridley right now.

I’d definitely recommend it for a base to explore London if you don’t want or don’t mind not being in the hustle and bustle. Some photos from the Airbnb website as I didn’t really take any photos apart from the local neighbour doors 😉 we checked out house prices in this street and was gobsmacked at the price of the flat we stayed in which sold two years previous but the majority of houses in this road haven’t sold for a very long time.


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