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We love London, we went through a phrase (pre Rue & mortgage) of spending a lot of long weekends in London. Like a lot a lot & also an ridiculous amount of money staying in these hotels, we’ve ticked off staying in all of the London ones √ Edinburgh is next on my very long list of places I want us to see as a family ♥

Anyway the 530am alarm went off (yep that alarm was Rue :|) we were up and out of the house by 7am to catch the 730am train, I cannot remember booking it so early! It started with us rushing out of the house, queueing for a double espresso to get through those first few hours of the morning, standing on the wrong platform and dashing for the right one and for me personally trying to do something with my hair which I hadn’t managed to straighten the previous day 🙁 we get on  the train and some bint is sat in our seats (I swear this happens every time, ever have this happen on the EuroStar with foreign people in your seat you don’t have much chance of getting them to bloody move… this happened to us) I was very polite and asked her nicely to move, she refused, I kindly pointed out that she was sat in our seats and could she move, of which she replied ‘fuck’s sake’ & stormed past us, I felt like saying look love don’t mess with us we’ve been up three hours already just fucking move.

We arrived and headed towards Tower Hill, we stayed here when we last visited in 2014 (post here) we found the yummiest places for breakfast, The Natural Kitchen. We ordered a feast and filled ourselves up for the day ahead, nothing like a good breakfast to start the day right?! After that we headed to Aldgate and walked towards Brick Lane, again last time we visited we tried to find Brick Lane and failed, pregnant, the heat, tiredness all became too much and I bailed ha! But this time we found it …. admittedly it wasn’t what I was expecting, I think it would be much pleasanter to go on the weekend when its bursting with people and not the kind of people you don’t want to be surrounded by which is what we had. But we’ve done it, we ticked if off our list and actually it lead us to Spital Fields Market which I’ve never been to before and didn’t know much about. But I absolutely LOVED it, papa on the other hand isn’t the biggest shopper.moocher kinda guy. We spent some time walking around and looking at all the eateries and the stalls and it was all so interesting to me, there is SO much to see for anyone who hasn’t been! Plus there is lots of lovely shops right close by, the Anthropologie was calling me as was the massive sale sign that was in the window, and as it happens it was me dragging papa out of there 😉

We had another stop to top up on more espresso, I’m really into Café Nero at the moment and it must be quite a lot as I’ve nearly filled up my loyalty card this month already, winning!

Near to Spital Fields Market is Liverpool Street station, which is massive, we debated walking onto our next stop which was the Shard, google maps was estimating a 25 minute walk. I’m up for walking papa is indecisive, what do you do to turn that indecisiveness around, you show him Liverpool Street station and he looks at me walks out and says ‘come on lets walk’ ha!

We had a lovely stroll along to the Shard, first one to spot it wins, guess who won Papa, in my defensive there is a building close by that looks so similar to the Shard, as stupid as that sounds it does 🙂 we’ve been debating going up the Shard for a while, last time we went I had put some money aside to go up it but when we got there decided I didn’t want to part with the £60 odd quid, surely it can’t compare to the Rockafella Centre. Plus I’m now holding out for us to go up as a family, as Rue will love it!

After that peckishness started setting in for Papa, basically he could hear the cheese toasties calling from Borough Market. We LOVE Borough Market and have been going there for at least six years maybe, mainly for the cheese toasties or cheese, new potatoes and gherkins, check the stall out here.  One cheese toastie later and we have a happy papa in tow, me I’m very indecisive there’s so many options even for me being a vegetarian which even now can still be tricky to feed me. I decided I’d get something and take it home for tea, but what … I went for something new and tried out the Balkan Bites (link here) fillings wrapped in filo pastry with the option of smooth hummus and chick peas, it was sooo good! My only regret was not getting one of their homemade flatbreads, next time I’m coming for you flatbread.

We headed off to Paddington with some spare time, London had been fab and spending a day with hubby gave me so many laughs, and it was just bliss to wonder and stroll around without a buggy/ trike/ a nappy to change/ a nap to fit in and to have hubby to myself was just bliss, I do miss spending time with him without Mr Tumble in the background of bubble mixture being flicked in my eyes.

Until next time London & hopefully not as long next time




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