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So some of you will know WM has an allotment in Rodbourne which is bang in the middle of where we live and work so it’s ideal for him to get there as and when he can. Most people would struggle to be able to fit this in with family life even though I’m a firm believer in its so important to have your own individual interests and to be able to spend time on these, WM gets an hour for his lunch and the allotment is a stones’ throw from work so it’s just the most ideal set up.

I believe we got the allotment in Autumn of 2015 after waiting roughly four months on the wait list, it wasn’t in any usable state when he first got it. It took him eight whole months to get it to look like a normal piece of land as it was so overgrown, he spent most of winter growing manure and the in spring he was chopping, hacking and burning overgrown grass. It takes some commitment to do this, its so easy to give in and think its too much effort especially when your knackered from working and having babs. Here’s some before photos:


The size of the land is 40 feet and it costs us £32 a year to own,  you get allocated a key on completion which grants you access into the shared allotment area. You do tend to find people leave possessions when you take over from them, so on WM’s there was a storage unit which was locked but the lovely people who also allotment there had a spare key and gave it to WM which came in handy whilst he saved up for his own shed. Sheds aren’t cheap and was bit of a luxury we couldn’t afford at the time so he sold some of his trainers on eBay to fund the shed, which we did also manage to pick up on sale so it was win win 🙂 I’ve detailed below some photos of the progress he made over the months:


On to produce so last year WM grew the following: broad beans, courgettes (so many) the cutest mini watermelons, potatoes (again so many), runner beans, onions, French beans and beetroot! I really can’t state how much work was involved to even getting it to a point where he could grow stuff – he’s done so so well, I know he absolutely loves it down there so that helps but it’s still back breaking work when he then has to go back to work after.


This year is a much easier start for him as everything was put to bed before winter and ready for him to start planting straight away 🙂 on his list this year is: broad beans, peas, beans, potatoes, rhubarb, broccoli, carrots, onions and artichokes! Let’s hope we have the weather he needs to help make this produce and that the pests stay away, one of the biggest challenges!


WM got some money for Christmas and he decided to put this towards a polytunnel to go on the end of his allotment, he hasn’t put it up yet but once he does I’ll share some photos 🙂 he’s planning on growing tomatoes, cucumbers, chillies, spring onions and a selection of peppers in here! I can’t wait to wander down there on a summers day with bab on my chest and holding my bigger boys hand, I mean it probably won’t be half as easy or lovely as I’m imagining but hey it might (I’m referring to toddler tantrums/ the effort involved in getting out of the house with two of them) I’m so excited for summer to come and see WM down there, he’s in his element and is always so chuffed with his produce its so lovely to be part of it!


I’m investing in a fridge/freezer ready for all this new produce as this year we had so much and we couldn’t eat it all because I was pregnant and was off my food, this year we had far more than we could manage between two of us so if the same happens this year I share do an instagram post and share the homegrown produce out 🙂

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  1. January 30, 2017 / 8:00 pm

    OMG this is so cute!!! It’s amazing to see the progress made as well, good work WM! Such cute family memories to be made here 🙂 thanks so much for sharing lovely xx

    • boeywmx
      January 30, 2017 / 8:39 pm

      Aw thank you so much lovely! I’ll pass your lovely message across to him, he’s done so well hasn’t he! Definitely take a look on the Council website and see if there’s any near you – its such good value 🙂 xxx

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