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Its a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon so we took a stroll to the allotment, our  first time as a family of four. Rue and papa have been here most days since Ridley was born but Ridley and I have yet to venture there (i forgot how newborns have their sleep/feed/play thing going on and I kinda have a little thing going on so sometimes it’s challenging to get out as I like to keep Ridley awake during certain hours of the day). But lately he’s been napping for an hour at 4pm so we put our shoes on and headed out in the beautiful sunshine for an early evening stroll.

Papa has been working his ass off down there and it certainly shows, he’s already brought a load of broad beans home for us (you might have seen my spam on my insta stories 🙂 ) i’m not sure what’s next to come home but i’m excited as there’s nothing better then homegrown. We’ve also got a selection growing in the garden and we have gooseberries that are half way there and apples that are forming already!

Rue loves visiting ‘daddy’s garden’ as he calls it and they can spend hours there – its so lovely he’s into it as well. WM took him to buy his own seeds and they planted them at the weekend, Rue was so excited he didn’t put the seeds down until he got to the allotment.

I am so proud of my husband, he’s come so far with his allotment when he first got the plot it took months and months of back breaking work but he didn’t give up and it really is phenomenal down there! (previous allotment blog post here) I couldn’t believe how much he’s done in such a short time and how far the produce has come on! WM sends me photo updates during the week when he goes down there but time seems to be flying and the crops are blooming down there.

WM works full time, has a family that he spends pretty much ever spare second with and then the upkeep of the allotment as well – i am so proud of you – what a truly lovely experience to bring up children up with!

Daddys little helper – that first little photo with his little nose scrunch! ♥

what papas growing: salad | potatoes | broad beans | artichoke | peppers | tomatos | sweetcorn | peas | strawberrys | red onions | white onions | pears | cucumber | beetroot | 

Sleepy bear 🙂


Interrupting gardening for photos – can you tell he’s loving it 😉

When friends are just as exciting about the allotment as you – love this girl! oh and baby feet ♥


I love you WM



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