l i f e l a t e l y

Has been pretty hard what with trying to juggle a lot and then throwing a stomach bug into the mix really didn’t help 😐 I was out of action for a whole weekend and was in bed the whole time (apart from the 2.5 hours we spent at the walk in centre…) i had the next four days off work to try and recover although one day i had Rue which i was kind of half dreading – nine hours straight on my own with a toddler and i haven’t eaten in days, doesn’t sound like a good combination right, but he was an absolute babe and was super good for mama ♥

The weekend we had plans but i cancelled them all just so i could focus on fully recovering before my sisters wedding this weekend (eek!) and then our week off work, i felt soon bad cancelling plans but i really had to as i just had to focus on the boys and myself. The lovely amazing JB was a total babe when i cancelled our date to Blenheim Palace to watch Dirty Dancing as part of the Luna Cinema summer event – honestly i couldn’t of asked for better support from this babe and i truly thank you! There’s nothing worse then cancelling plans with people because your poorly/ babas poorly/ your pure knackered – some people get it and some people don’t and it can make life harder for you but this babe well just wow.

We rarely have a weekend at home where we what i call go with the flow – it’s normally almost schedule like where there’s so much to cram in (example: it’s X’s birthday so we need to go get a present because i’ve left it too late to buy online/ my oil light is flashing we need to go get oil/ food shopping because i just want to come home on a Friday evening after work/ X is in town so we should really see them and have lunch/ we need to get rue’s feet measured/ i’ve ran out of nappies so i need to make a special trip now like right now i have one nappy left). I fired off a text to the lovely Gowar Friday night to see if we could catch up the next day & the next morning she was on our doorstep with the lovely crawling Jack and we hung out – it was so lovely! We then got Burger King for lunch so bad but yet so good! When rue naps we chill – i no longer spend that time trying to whizz round doing stuff i now think sod that and put my feet up too – especially on the mornings he’s decided 5am is time to wake up 😐

We’re in desperate need of a new sofa – well we think so 😉 we’ve been trying to visit sofa shops for weeks but when it comes to it we never quite get there. So we popped over to DFS and i wasn’t expecting much if i’m honest, the building doesn’t look that appealing and well i just didn’t think much of it. I actually changed my whole opinion with in about 10 seconds of being inside the door – i’m not sure why exactly, i think it was the space, the presentation, the variety, the quality and most of all the sales assistants who didn’t follow us round like sheep dog.

Rue was in his element licking yes licking everything a new phrase he’s going through, we’re trying to control it but its not really working out that well 😐 touching every s i n g l e ornament on display, luckily none got broken, i forgot where we was and sternly told him to ‘put that down right this instance’ to which papa had to tell me to not be so loud as people were looking 😐 the main thing is we found a sofa that we love and can afford yay! i’ve been looking for so long online at sofas and most are just that bit out of our price range plus i’m not convinced into buying a sofa i haven’t sat on. We’ve opted for a leather sofa so that when rue eats his lunch on the sofa (please don’t ask why this ever happened, it’s no longer allowed) i don’t end up with spagetthi shaped stained hands on my sofa 🙁 i just think its far more practically for us with rue and also WM is quite clumsy so wipe clean is definitely the way forward and this sofa even has reclining seats, not power operated, didn’t even know this was a thing, but it literally doubles the price – i’d rather just put a lever and save £££

Highlight of the weekend finding a sofa pretty sad right but i’m so happy about it – although colour choice is still outstanding i’d like a dark royal navy blue with mustard accessories/ feature wall but i’ve been told firmly no 😐 ….

Sunday we did nothing which was bliss it was such a lovely day and we have so many fields within two minutes of our house that we spent all afternoon at the field just the three of us, my phone and a ball. It was so lovely to be outside and to have so much space – it made us question why we don’t do this more often. Sometimes it can feel like real effort just to go the shop with a toddler, by the time you’ve got them dress/ changed them/ feed them/ they’ve pooped/ their thirsty/ they’ve ran off to hide – sometimes it’s just easier to play at home.

That was our weekend – nothing special but totally special for us just to be together. Rue was so loving and so good the whole weekend it was just a total delight. He did the cutest thing ever on the field, papa & I was sat close-isn to one another and Rue came and placed himself in the middle of us and stretched his arms as far as they would go and pulled us both into him for a group hug and then he’d say ‘awwwww’ – it got me it totally got me as did it get papa.



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