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Where do I begin with what we’ve been up to lately – life seems to be on fast forward lately and I’m blinking to fast to try and capture every moment of my bab who gives the best (be it not long enough) hugs and kisses (although ask him to give you a kiss at nursery with people around and he’ll put his forehead forward, it’s started already hasn’t it 🙁 ).

We had a week off after the wedding and we headed to Centre Parcs (the Longleat one) we had heard so many good reviews about it and we got an amazing deal so we thought we’d hit the jackpot. Unfortunately we reallllly didn’t enjoy our time there and found that the setup of the whole place just didn’t work for us with the age that Rue is at, I think some of it is also on us what with being so tired and going straight from the wedding it wasn’t ideal and that probably affected our view and mood. We came home early which was fine because we had to come home slightly early due to other commitments and you know all I wanted was to be at home, we do love being at home so much & I think we’re probably the type of people who know what we love and the remit is very small for what we love. Plus I’m still being unrealistic with my holiday expectations because it’s not a holiday in any way it’s just trying to look after bab in a less friendly environment.

Even though we lost money which I would have loved to put towards a new sofa (ours is ruined, yesterday I gave rue a cheese triangle just so we could put the food shop away and put dinner on and he smeared it all into the sofa 😐 kind of my fault but at same time sometimes you just need ten minutes right?!) so a new leather wipe clean sofa is on our agenda …. one day. Anyway I digress a lot I’m also brushing over the four hour return trip I took with my mama to pick up the ipad my darling husband left on the bed 🙁 a few strong words were said shortly after I realised about an hour into us being home that we didn’t have it with us….

Finally after all of the above we spent some time at home and did some day trips and it was lovely, the first two days we faffed around with Centre Parcs the weather was actually drizzly and unfriendly but by Wednesday we had the most beautiful morning at Avebury with the sun shining in the background, Rue loved all the sheep and it was such a lovely morning that felt effortless (lunch even all got eaten which is a first!) some photos below as I got the DSLR out as I’m keen to take even more photos and videos, so next on my list is to invest in a camera with video function but I’m taking forever to decide which one to buy!

We managed to cram in a toddler free coffee and shopping trip (for Rue) and it was lovely to spend some time with my WM even if it was short & was spent focusing on Rue, I do miss spending quality time with WM but at the same time we’re quite bad in the fact we don’t like to not be with Rue but I think that’s what working full time does who then wants to spend the two days they actually see their child without them?

I woke up Saturday morning probably around 6am and by 730am I had started to strip the lounge of clutter – sometimes I do this, things just start to get on top of me and I need to strip it back to basics and start again, I’m lucky WM went with it and always goes with it, I’ve currently made the lounge look worse and it’ll be a few more weeks before we get it to half the place it needs to be (as the new sofa is a way off I’m kind of trying to make it work whilst we wait for that). The lounge and kitchen is where we spend most of our time as a family so I’m keen to keep it simple and create as much storage as possible without it feeling like there’s storage everywhere. I was reading a blog the other day from someone I’ve followed for a while on insta (Oh_Merde has the cutest kiddies e v e r) and the bit where she says ‘We combat hoarding by having a six-month rule; if something hasn’t been used/worn/played with in six months, then it’s gone’ – this really stuck with me and that weekend I dragged the boys upstairs and we all cleaned through our clothes as the first part of our deep cleanse before well just before 😉

That’s what we’ve been up too lately and we’re now focusing on a special little babs second birthday eee 🙂 I’m totally unprepared party wise and cake wise but present wise he’s doing well I know that 🙂 WM brought Rue a balance bike which we’re so excited to give him 😀 he’s only got the one present from us and a day out planned, we’re not the type of parents who spoil they kids rotten with endless amounts of presents which most don’t get played with, Rue has everything he needs plus we take him out most weekends & buy him treats as and when, we personally just don’t believe in the showering with gift approach. Plus it’s where do you store everything, we have a toy cupboard which is half full but I don’t want to become overflowing!

Somethings I know he’s got/ getting:

  • Balance bike
  • Ikea play kitchen (I’m so excited for this & plan to modify it using Pinterest)
  • Dyson play hoover (as he’s forever playing with our one)
  • Hunter wellies (he’s just outgrown his first pair)
  • A stack of beautiful books from grandad
  • Money for his baby ISA <3
  • Winter pyjamas and dressing gown
  • Mega bloks (we build towers & play peek-a-boo most nights but you soon misplace blocks)

I’m now planning on what we’re planning on getting him for Christmas and I’m desperate to get him a scooter (papa isn’t so fussed) this is the one I’m thinking of and also a Thomas wooden train set like these ones.


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