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we’ve also changed a couple of things lately to try and make life a bit smoother and we’ve definitely noticed a positive difference 🙂

  1. we make our lunches the night before bed, sounds so simple but its made such a difference to our mornings which we’re always rushing around no matter how much preparation I do the night before it never seems to be enough & I really don’t like starting the day in a mood.
  2. turning the tv off either 30 minutes or an hour before we take Rue up to bed, depending on what day it is depends how much time we can commit but lately we’ve been turning the tv off at either 530 or 6 and then spending a solid amount of time together all playing. Rue’s favourite thing at the moment is playing with our spare duvet, the boys spend a lot of time inside it playing and reading books whilst I sit and listen into them, its the cutest! We’re very lucky we’re able to do this time wise, alot of working parents don’t get in till after 5pm etc – WM’s job means his hours are 730-4 and I took my second pay cut mid last year so I could finish work at 4pm as I was fed up missing out because I was always sat in traffic trying to get Rue from nursery. It was the best decision I made (well maybe not financially) but I now get home around 430 (some days earlier) and it means we can get out and about before bedtime, we either go to the park/ play on the field/ pick blackberries – its the best time!
  3. i’ve always taken breakfast to work and will eat it at my desk, I normally always have the same thing, lots of greek yogurt with granola and frozen fruits, lately i’ve been having two breakfasts and then a 1030 snack of cereal bar too 😉 I find I can’t eat big portions at the moment but instead little and often is working well! Anyway i’ve started making WM breakfast to take with him, or else he goes from the dinner at 530pm the night before all the way through to lunchtime at 1pm the next day! I try and mix up breakfasts for him else he’ll get bored, i’m working on our top five on the go breakfasts so i’ll be sharing that soon
  4. finally something i’ve just started recently which is kind of dull but worked really well the first time was a weekend to do list, boring right! Come the weekend it feels like we have to cram so much into it (our family time, seeing family, days out, house maintenance, chores, relaxing – haha, picking up parcels) sometimes it can get too much for my little brain, WM doesn’t register that anything needs doing at weekends other than spending it with Rue. Last weekend we had eleven things to do at the weekend, without making it feel like allll we’re doing is chores/ errands. We ticked off nine which I was really pleased with, some were so small but again could easily get lost in my brain (examples: pick up new buggy/ measure for new TV unit/ buy vitamins/ put washing on/ try & fix my camera/ take & set feature image for blog) honestly theres always so much whizzing around in my head its just constant.

I’ve rambled again but hopefully some of the above might be of interest/ use – i’m always after tips or tricks on how to make life easier for the working parents 😉


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