for days and days 😍 before i get started i need to thank the queen of photos and photo locations Jen over at JenandCub for sharing her photos and tagging the locations. We had planned a trip to Hitchin Lavender near London as we have a visit to London soon and i saw Jen’s photo from last year, but it was about an hour from where we are staying and we have limited time there i said to WM not to worry. i mainly want to go for the photos and felt it was bit much to ask 😉 and when i clicked on a recent photo Jen had uploaded it turns out theres a lavender field pretty much on our doorstep!

The Cotswold Lavender Farm is less than an hours drive for us and its a really enjoyable quiet drive, or well it was for us as we left our house at 9am on a Sunday morning 😉 i’m so so pleased we / I finally made it too one! Thank you Jen 😘 on the drive there i said to WM oh i wish i had dressed better but actually real life isn’t always about being in your best and sometimes its about whats comfortable on a hot day!

Entry is £4 per adult and under 5’s are free, its cash at the main entry booth or if like me and you never really have change (or in my case enough change) you can buy tickets from the main shop a 2 minute walk by card! The fields are only open for eight weeks of the year and then thats it for another year, i really wanna go back next year, hopefully WM will let me 😉

We only spent an hour here if that, mainly had a look around, watched people take photos, admired the view and took our photos. There was a nice restaurant if you plan on eating whilst here. Luckily we have a National Trust property just three minutes drive away (hallelujah) otherwise we probably wouldn’t of gone as we wouldn’t of been able to stretch a four hour visit here (Ridleys current in between nap times on a good day) i’ll do a separate post about the NT visit as it was our first time visiting and we loved it!

So if your local and love a photo, who doesn’t love a photo, maybe WM, i was like shall i take some photos of you and he just looked at me and turned away 😉 then head there quick i think the lady says it shuts on the 5th August.




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