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its the weekend yay! papa is home and i have an extra pair of hands to help out with the demands of motherhood! i’m finding my feet at the moment as two things have changed lately 1. WM changed both boys car seats over in the car so now Ridley is no longer in a ‘on the go’ car seat so nursery runs have been interesting as i have to carry him instead of him being in his car set 2. Rue has dropped a session at nursery and pick up time is right over Ridleys lunch time nap plus its more time that i’m juggling having both babs (someone said to me this week they couldn’t do what i do and i was like :|)

we had no really plans for the weekend and we don’t have that many plans for the next few weeks thankfully, its been a manic summer so i’m hoping (hahaha) that Autumn will be a bit calmer, i find in some ways theres less pressure as Winter draws in but then on the other side the dreaded Christmas thing is always lurking over you ….

papa made a last minute decision to take us out for tea on Saturday, something we haven’t done as a family of four as its both expensive and a juggling act. it was a lovely evening so we walked and it was just lovely to get out in the fresh air! we didn’t go anywhere lavish the boys had KFC and i had a Subway but it was still lovely! on the way home we popped past the allotment and picked up some apples, papa has two apple trees and a pear tree, the apple trees have bloomed so much this year!

heres some family photos from Sunday – we haven’t ventured out for photos in a couple of weeks πŸ˜‰ so off we went camera and tripod in handΒ β™₯



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