June favourites & wish list

its that time again for my monthly favourites plus i’m doing my wish list as well as haven’t featured that for a while 🙂

first up is my Monki shorts which i got from Asos, ʜᴇʀᴇ, i love longer style shorts and these ones caught my eye instantly, you guys know i love Monki! plus these had an elasticated waist which you know i love 😉 the photo on Asos made me dither whether to purchase them or not as they look really bright but their actually a bit dull in colour when they arrived which i prefer.

secondly is this lunchbox the lovely Gowar picked me up from Ikea, ʜᴇʀᴇ, (she’s the best & whenever she goes somewhere she always offers to pick up anything we need) i was on the hunt for a toddler compartment style lunchbox for Rue for lunch on the go but i found kids lunch boxes really expensive for what they were and then i couldn’t find a compartment style one as such just separate boxes. Luckily i found this one from ikea and i just love it! i use it for lunch at home if i get my act together and prepare lunch the night before if not its perfect for days out.

thirdly is Rue’s new pair of Hunters we picked up for him in the sales, ʜᴇʀᴇ, gosh it was hard resisting the sales but this is the only thing we’ve brought …. so far. So Rue has two pairs of yellow hunters, i find them a really good fit and he can fit into them even when their one size to big or one size to small! Ideally i would have loved to keep the theme as yellow but these were just too much of a bargain! Ridley will also get use out of these so even better value for money 🙂

we got these half price ♥

fourth on my list is this gorgeous mustard pom pom cushion from Urban Outfitters, ʜᴇʀᴇ, my lovely friend Jess brought me this as a surprise, oh my goodness i was so touched by how sweet this girl is! I had popped to Jess’s on a Sunday morning and she happened to mention she was off to Cabot so me being me asked her to have a look out for this pillow, as i hate paying delivery charges, and when they didn’t have it she had one sent too me. i absolutely adore it and i can’t wait to create a little cushion corner in the boys room later this year. thank you Jess 💋

the final item on my list is flavoured sparkling water, your probably thinking this is pretty odd, i love coke but i hardly ever have it as i’m aware of how much sugar is in it, in an effort to reduce my sugar intake but still get my fizz intake i’ve been loving flavoured sparkling water which has such a small sugar in take, i’ve just been picking the odd bottle up on our weekly shop from Asda for 40p per a litre bottle so also much cheaper than coke!

ᴡɪsʜ ʟɪsᴛ

i’ve seen so many people rave about eyebrow gel, ʜᴇʀᴇ, i can’t leave the house without my eyebrows on i just can’t, i’m still using my No7 eyebrow palette which i have been using for eighteen months now and its still going strong! I would love to give the gel a go to see if its make any difference and i spotted Stila have one available, i think i’ve mentioned before i’d love to try Stila and yet i still haven’t got round to it!

i’m hoping to do my top five mascara post soon but first i need to have tried five different mascaras recently, so Stilas mascara, ʜᴇʀᴇ, is still on my wish list from a previous post, they have two on Asos now both of which are on my wish list.

I love duvets and if you’ve caught my insta stories lately you know that pretty much nothing matches in our house and thats just the way i like it, luckily WM doesn’t mind at all 🙂 we do need some new bedding for our room & i normally head to Asda as i find their bedding really good value and really good quality! i spotted this cute dinosaur bedding, ʜᴇʀᴇ,  for the boys and i love it! plus its reversible which is just double great value, two duvets for the price of one 🙂

final item on my wishlist is finger tattoos, now that i’m not pregnant i can indulge in some more tattoos as it’s been a while! WM started tattooing me summer of last year, only two small ones, so I’ve asked him to do more for me this summer, i can’t wait i just love tattoos! don’t worry mum i’m not going to cover my hands 😉 i’m just after a few tiny ones to fill in the gaps

i’ll hopefully be back next month with more favourites, we have a really busy July so it might slip into August!


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