June 2020 favourites

Oh hey how long as it been since I’ve down a favourites, years and maybe years!

i thought I’d try doing them again, I mean how hard can one post a month be? I already struggle to do the ‘according to my iPhone’ once a month 😉

here’s five favourites that aren’t all from June to start me off easy

1. This plant pot from one of my favourites Monki at £8 – love it like SO much!

2. Money heist – addicted, so addicted – takes me awhile to work through box sets so I’m still on season one but hoooked! (Netflix) * actually now finished the last season, this post was sat in my drafts a while! Addicted to money heist!!

3. My new Teva’s which my goodness I love so much! I got them on sale so came in at £20 👌 my plan is to sell my Birkenstock’s as I just don’t get on with them. I wanted some Teva’s last year but because I brought the birks I didn’t but honestly these shoes are amazing. So flipping comfy and no wearing in and also wipe clean – can’t wait to wear them around London and my feet not ache!

4. These pillar candles I happened to stumble across in Sainsbury’s for £3 – i’ve been looking on eBay and Depop for some as we love pillar candles but I didn’t want to pay a fortune as I normally stock up when I go to flying tiger but obviously don’t know when I’ll be going there again 🤷‍♀️

5. Finally so I did originally buy this as a present but I ended up keeping it, I have one in the lounge which is a doughnut and I just love these little photo holders for our Instamax photos! This one was on sale for £2.50 👌



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