July lust list from Urban Outfitters πŸ₯°

changing July’s version up instead of a favourites list it’s actually a oh my goodness I need this πŸ˜‰

I was searching on urban outfitters the other day and fell in love with so much 🙈

Okay so I’m mainly drawn to this because of the front cover but it’s actually a poetry book and I don’t have any poetry books and have been lo0king for one which isn’t the insta famous milk and honey!

We love the moon like so much 🌒 and we’ve been l0oking for somewhere to put all our crystals and this would be perfect!

Since lockdown we’ve debated whether to get a vinyl player and I spotted this storage crate and fell in love with the idea even more! Realistically we probably won’t get a vinyl player as the cost of vinyls is high and we have Spotify so. I thought it would be lovely to bring the kids up with music that wasn’t digital!

I saw this and thought it would be super cute for our kitchen revamp as like a cook book holder – I really liked the idea of it! I reckon WM will hate it πŸ˜‰

I thought this was so cute and I absolutely love a shelf – this doesn’t fit in our house vibe and it’s a bit steep in price for us but wanted to share as it’s beautiful!

These types of shelves have been popular for a while now and whilst we don’t have one I do really like them again I’m not sure if it fits in our home and we are also lacking wall space!



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