July 2014 – Month Six

Its the weekend 🙂 this weekend i’m having a slow one with not many plans and more free flowing.

Friday night and its just me & the bump <3

We decided we’d treat ourselves and go out for a meal on Saturday night, if you know me you know I hardly everrr pay full price for a meal, I always dig out a voucher first, why pay full price when you don’t have too! I wouldn’t say we are tight with money we are just very cautious with it even more so now we have a little one to think about. So we drove over to the first restaurant we ever ate in as a couple, but on the way we drove past a Mcdonalds and it smelt so damn good, even to me! We pulled up outside the restaurant looked at each other & said shall we get a Mcdonalds and go home & watch a movie. & it turned out to be such a lovely evening, I love that neither of us are bothered about the fancy restaurants, the designer clothes, the what we class it as ‘fake’ lifestyle – we personally don’t need that to make us happy, all we need is each other and the smaller things in life.

Its a new week and we both have the week off for hubbys birthday, we decided we didn’t want to fly anywhere, I know you can but I just wouldn’t of been happy about it. So I tried to plan lots of things for us to do and a mini trip away to hubbys home town.

Monday started with a trip to the Whitehorse, i’d never been before and the views were just stunning, we had such a beautiful day for a lovely walk out.



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