January 2015 || New Year as a family of three

We made it through the end of 2014, it wasn’t easy at times but we’ve done it and it’s made us incredibly stronger as a family.

January always seems like a long quiet month and it was exactly that but it was lovely as it was just me and my boy all day every day 🙂

I am meeting up with work this month to discuss my return to work ;( and to book in some ‘keeping in touch’ working days to get me back into the swing of it.

This month we’re already trying desperately to move and we’ve managed to roll over all by ourselves at just thirteen weeks old :O this boy is going to be on the go all the time isn’t he, send help to this mama now 😉

January marks baba turning three months old and with that he can now sit in his bumbo unassisted, look at all his double chins eeee 🙂 we’re trying to spend as much time on our tummys as I can get out of him without him having a meltdown. Every day papa comes home at lunch and says how’s tummy time been today? have you been doing it? and i’m like well yes i’ve been trying (okay not always trying as much as I should) but he seems to be making excellent progress without me having to push him too much. my super clever baba 🙂

I’m constantly clipping his nails but he still manages to scratch his little face during the day 🙁 I put him in mittens or baby grows with the little mittens included when he goes to bed. Also he’s developed an almost cut off rash on his chest which i’ve taken him the doctor about as it’s gradually worsened and i’m not sure if it’s upsetting him. The cream we was given wasn’t for long term use but luckily the cream solved the problem and touch wood it’s all gone.

Once again my trusted green checked shirt makes a debut 😉



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