j u n e f a v o u r i t e s

So this is my very first month of favourites post eekk!! I won’t be doing one every month because we don’t buy enough each month to fill a favourites post 😐

My list of favourites is totally random, please don’t be put off by it ha!

First up is the ‘Oral B 3D White Brilliance’ toothpaste, I’ve seen this advertised quite a lot & I’m always a bit sceptic of advertisements, but when I saw this on offer (admittedly still far more than I normally pay for toothpaste) I had a mini splurge & picked one up for us to try. Is a toothpaste splurge even a thing … well it is officially a thing in our house now 😉 we our both loving it! We looked at each over the other day & examined each other’s teeth, sounds weird I know, & we can definitely see a difference! I’ve just picked up our second tube on offer again 😉 from Wilkos for £2.50. Who doesn’t want ‘normal style’ white teeth 🙂

Second which I technically purchased in May but it’s still hanging on up there is this amazing wooden swing I brought baba! I am super fussy when I buy bigger items for Rue & spend a fair amount of on/ off time researching to make sure it covers all aspects I want it too. I’d been looking for a decent swing for him for ages, all the ones I found online we either full of rubbish reviews or outside of our budget. I resorted to eBay & found this beauty in Shrivenham which I snapped up for £25, super chuffed mama over here! Admittedly the swing seat here he isn’t ready for yet but my super amazing mama brought him a little tikes seat here, which is admittedly more than the swing cost! But it covers him until his four & then we can use the seat that came with the swing purchase. I’m still super chuffed, it feels such a steal at £25, it might take up half our of garden mainly because our garden has shrubs around both sides & a washing line so not a huge amount of room now but I still love it, can you tell 😉

Thirdly is this amazing unit I’ve wanted for a very long time from Ikea, we ♥♥ Ikea! Who doesn’t, & yes we love going as a couple or family, whenever I tell people we went to Ikea at the weekend I always get the same remark ‘are you still married’… anyway we’re currently, very slowly, changing elements of Rue’s room to make it more spacious & less of a slight dumping ground 🙁 first up was to remove the wardrobe we brought from Mothercare for silly amounts of money! I am now trying to sell it on eBay if you know anyone 😉  I thought when we first started planning Rue’s room that we needed a changing unit, a wardrobe & a drawer unit, I now realise that we really didn’t need it all! The ikea unit can double up as a changing unit if you put a mat on the top like I’ve photo’d below. Anyway I’m in love & I’m hoping we can get one next 😉 at nearly £200 each it’s not cheap, we went for the ‘white stain’ version as it was £40 cheaper than the ‘white’ one & I am not paying an additional £40… but I actually really love it & can’t really tell it’s only a stain version. (photo stolen from pinterst as i’m still working on Rues final room setup) 


Fourthly, I have fallen in love with this shop since the first time I went into one in Bristol, it’s TIGER 🙂 for anyone who hasn’t been you are so missing out! It is full of lots of knick nacky bits (I think that’s how you describe it) not all of it will be of use or of interest to you but some of the items are fab! Some of my favourites have to be the weekly A4 planner I picked up from one of the London shops for £2 & we use it every week to plan our breakfast/ lunch/ dinner – it’s super for this! I also picked up a perfume atomiser the other day for £2 which I am planning on putting Kelly’s favourite perfume in for her to have on her big day eekk! I’ve also picked up a few other bits from there which I can’t say as it will spoil stuff 😉

Finally and most importantly is this gorgeous red skirt that I picked up from M&S Collection, Monday was a super rubbish day & I spotted this whilst picking up some birthday cards. There was only one left and in a size eight and I think we all know my ass is definitely bigger than a size eight 😉 anyway I decided to go back the next day and just see if it’s still there and if so treat myself after yesterday….. if it fitted. It was still there and low and behold it a c t u a l l y fits! So triple yay for me ž· it was still there ž· it’s a size eight ž· it was a tenner!

My wish list looks like the below, it’s relatively short 🙂

First up is a pair of UGG slippers, excuse me whilst I just drool over them! These have been in ‘I would ♥ them’ pot for a long old time but I really can’t justify nearly £70 odd quid for a pair of slippers that you can be sure Rue will pee on at some point, he tends to pee on my feet a fair bit when he’s having some free time from his nappy! So I’ll settle for these grey version I found from Clarks, how I found them I hear you ask as Clarks isn’t my go to shop, I was actually looking for some summer sandals for baba & saw a pop up for reduced slippers & these look pretty good, here. But for now I’ve brought a £4 pair of UGG style ones from Primark, said to have memory foam base, which the first time I put my feet in they totally did the next time not so much 😐


Second up is Anthropologie bowls/ plates/ cups/ e v e r y t h i n g – the lovely Grace & I went into the Bath shop the over day & it was full of bright colours, pom pom’s & summery candles! Anthropologie is a shop I wish I could purchase from more than my once a year, if that, I’m too tight to pay delivery ha! I fell in love with all the mini coloured bowls like these ones & also these new (or new to me) glass tumblers with gold initials on, if anyone would like to buy these for me in B W & R I’d be very grateful! 😉


Last up is two items from Next which I’m hoping to purchase one of these when I get paid this month, I’m always living for payday & then once we’ve paid alllll of our never ending bills & tried to squirrel some money away for savings we are left with practically nothing, hence why I never shop in Anthro 😉 anyway I saw these amazing hooks (here) the other day whilst shopping with mama & instantly wanted them in all our initials & the ♥ one but like she pointed out our house is already quite full of initial hooks ….oopps! We have lovely large cream Anthro initial hooks in our hallway where we hang our coats, I purchased these from New York City, the Anthro there is insane! On the back of our bathroom door we have Oliver Bonas hooks which hold our dressing gowns, so really I don’t need any more unless I get these as we all have backpacks I could use them for that …. but it’s just where in the house that could be!

I also saw this lovely duck egg/grey blue photo frame (here) that says ‘family’ I’m not normally one for photo frames with wording on, it’s just not my thing but I fell instantly for this one! Whilst I have a lot of photos I could fill it with I don’t actually have anywhere to put it, yet. We have a photo wall display in five out of our seven rooms, one day I’ll do the conservatory too but the bathroom is a step too far!





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