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So i’ve picked up a few things in the sales this year, sales are my thing like totally my area, i’m the type of person to pick up a shop catalogue highlight everything I like for myself or others and then wait to see if it goes in the sale, I can’t be the only one who does this surely? Christmas Eve I was laid in bed with heartburn (damn you pregnancy heartburn) and was scrolling through my phone and saw that the Boots sale had started, unfortunately their website crashed and didn’t come back up again for hours, which was super annoying as I found the cot i’d like for baba on there for half the price, half price! Even though my kind mama has offered to buy it for us I couldn’t not try and get it at half price even if the site was down. Luckily or not luckily I had a rough nights sleep what with heartburn and acid and managed to pick the cot up very late on Christmas Eve, I was so chuffed! Like so chuffed, we picked it up the other day and it’s at my mamas house waiting patiently until it’s needed.

Here’s what i’ve picked up:

  1. Family print, for our new feature wall in the lounge, I love this print and picked it up for £5 🙂
  2. Reiss nail polish, this was on my Christmas list post, these were £10 down from £20 (sold out)
  3. Chicco Lullago cot, this time round we decided not to go for a moses basket as it just didn’t last with Rue and to go with something that would last that bit longer with the ability to be close to our bed, these sell for £100 but I picked up the grey version from Boots for £50 (sold out on Boots)
  4. Clarks shoes for Rue, Clarks shoes are quite expensive and don’t tend to last that long, my adorable mama friend sent me these as she had just brought a pair so we also picked up a pair for Rue, plus we could do click & collect so no postage costs double winning! These were £28 down to £10
  5. Turtle Dove romper for baba – even though we don’t know who you are yet little one I thought this was okay for either boy or girl, Turtle Dove clothing is beautiful and washes so well! This was £20 down to £12
  6. Peter Rabbit pjs for Rue, adorable, I spotted these on the off chance when we went to purchase our buggy for baba and I couldn’t resist, £14 down to £7
  7. Finally I saw these insanely cute different coloured glitter baubles from the shop at work & had a vision of them in the kids room this time next year, these were originally £8 but I picked them up for £3 plus mum & I love Gisela Grahams stuff.

Total I spent £50 incl. p&p



I’ve not gone mad in the sales as frankly we can’t afford it especially as its already an expensive time of year, I did pick up some maternity bits from Asos but these have all gone back as I was disappointed with them. I’ve put so many items from the Mamas & Papas sale into my basket so many times but haven’t actually made it to the checkout as until we know who you are it seems slightly silly to buy too much too soon. I’ve managed to pick up some presents ready for the year ahead, i’ve been super organised and wrote down everyones name/ when their birthday is/ do I have a birthday card ready/ present ideas – i’d like to buy everyones cards for the year in advance I just think it will help be one less thing to worry about, I have a few presents already and quite a few ideas so I think next month’s pay i’ll be doing some birthday shopping for the year, that way we don’t have to worry about it later in the year when money is tight.

Two things I was hoping to pick up in the sale but haven’t yet, one is a new purse, my current purse is a £2 sale one from Accessorize, I can’t be dealing with big purses, I’m much more of a coin purse kind of girl not that I ever have any coins in there 😉 I saw this lovely one on Asos by Whistles but £30 is a bit steep (its now on sale for £21 🙂 ), Mango also have some lovely ones and in the sale too. The other item I crushed over was this cute pom pom hat for baba from Zara, I added it to my basket and then checked out but postage was more than the hat so I cancelled checkout, I really hate paying for postage especially when it’s higher than £4, Cox and Cox is the worse at £5,95. Hat here (the cream version has sold out)

hope you picked up some treats in the January sales ♥



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